Update on CEOs

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I know that it’s not a priority on these days, but is it possible for you to put on the pipeline the change of the below CEOs ?

Senate - should be Aulmont Meis (currently a lvl2 agent) and is still Mentas Blaque
Federal Intelligence Office - should be Mentas Blaque and is still Apaset Orviegnoure

thank you

Looking at NPC corps is very much in the backlog along with other things.

That said, I want to offer the thought that going forward the CEO positions may not necessarily be indicative of who occupies other named, non-mechanical roles related to the NPC corp in question. This is something still being thought about.



thank you for the update :slight_smile:

Speaking of which: Who is that Caldari guy in the quadrant banner? The banner supposedly shows leaders of the 4 empires but no one knows who that caldari guy in the picture is supposed to be.

Current acting chairman of the CEP Akimaka Saraki, @Zhalyd_Lyehin , the interim for the… indisposed Puok Kossinen


Interesting, thanks for the info. Ingame he definitely went to the solarium before taking his picture. :smiley: Also nice to see a Wiyrkomi person at the top of the CEP, even if only intermittently.

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