He Was.....No One

Reader warning - This is an opt-ed piece on an evolving, highly controversial situation developing in the Central Cluster.

He was no one.

A nobody.

Sinner or saint, scam artist or scam artiste, the CEO of ICANP has raised the hackles of capsuleers across the Central Cluster since he first began flashing waves last year.

This week, he topped himself.

Our CEO-In-Question started pushing sales of his own work in progress, a bible. Yes, that’s right, one hundred and eighty pages of bible, whether you use that term to speak of faith or code or ethics or morality. Mr. CEO-In-Question started flogging sales of his very own interpretation, or philosophy, of “life” not just within his own corp but across his alliance as well.

Now, while he is the CEO of his own 1000 plus capsuleer organization based in the Central Cluster, it turns out flogging sales in planetside currency for a work on religion is frowned upon; not only by his political opponents, but his alliance leadership as well. SICO, the alliance, involved in this sorry little morality tale took a stand; repudiating not only our CEO’s attempt to co-opt alliance communications to flog sales of his “book” but the substance of the book as well.

It turns out someone actually got a copy, read it, and started talking; and the people they talked to…talked and so on and so forth until it reached the ears of their alliance’s leadership. SICO’s leadership took a good hard look at the ideology in question and booted the CEO along with his corp from the alliance.

Distancing themselves as diplomatically as they could, SICO offered compensation for shared alliance assets to smooth the transition for ICANP’s caught in the crossfires membership. ICANP’s membership is largely comprised of newly licensed capsuleers who are turning to their leadership for answers because, unfortunately for them, well, they are new to these sorts of shenanigans.

And I use that word deliberately, shenanigans, as this is not the first imbroglio ICANP’s CEO has found himself in.

ICANP’s CEO has advocated for capital usage in the Central Cluster. He has lobbied for parity in pay for newly licensed capsuleers, pay to rival income levels considered excessive even in Null corporations. He has lately taken a posture I’ll label “Why do you hate Newbies” and beaten his opposition over the head with it. (Wave Profile here: Our CEO In Question)

“Why do you hate newbies?” seems to consist of the position the Central Cluster should have all the perks and benefits of null security space with the law enforcement of Concord intact. This position glosses over the fact whatever prosperity the null corps enjoy was earned by their own sweat and tears without the iron fist of Concord covering their backs. “Why do you hate newbies?” seems to boil down to no risks and all rewards.

It is the intransigence of this position “Why do you hate newbies?”, and his incessant bleating on this topic that has driven political rivals to join forces in order to, dare I say, liberate those new capsuleers in thrall to this……

….well, what do we call him? Misunderstood messiah? Dangerous demagogue?

Scam Artist?

Scam Artist? you ask? Well, yes. Scam Artist.

Our CEO is suspected (that’s right, just suspected) of being the current alias of this “player” who scammed his corp of newly licensed capsuleers of their possessions, Insider Story leaving, no doubt, many broken and disheartened capsuleers behind, in the dust of disillusionment.

Oh, and before I forget? Those political opponents, I mentioned? CODE. and the notorious (or notable) anti-ganker, Knowledgeminer are working together to unseat the hold our CEO has over his inexperienced followers.

Take that to bed and sleep on it. An anti-ganker and gankers working together; reminds me of that old trope “fedos and slaver hounds….living together.”

Sinner or saint?

In the end, given the context of the world within which we all act, does it matter?

I argue yes and no.

Yes, because every newly licensed capsuleer matters to the whole.

And, I argue no, as he has no name.

Planetside anyone of us could walk right by him, and never know it.

He is an alias. He uses an alias.

We don’t know him.

He is anonymous.

He has no name.


Moved from IGS to C&P.

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Hai there o7

So what you are telling me… This is just another EVE “surprise”.

Everybody is an alt of somebody old in EVE. Did you not know that? Maybe you are my alt?

Nothing in EVE surprises me anymore… I wish I could get the hand shakes again from when I first started PVP.


Way to undermine yourself.

I would not be surprised if both CODE and these ones are secretly run by the same group of people.

You know Arabella, when you told me about this I didn’t believe you.

Who is this Barstilo guy? I never heard of him, or this ISD.

My tag’s missing, did I do that or did he? I could have done it……ah, it’s doesn’t matter, we need to get it fixed. People need to know I work for I Reject Your Reality. Fix it first.

Let me think about this. This Bartstil guy had the power to pull my op-ed piece from Intergalactic Summit, and then re-flash it to C & P. That’s a lot of juice. I don’t have the power to do that. I don’t know anybody that has the power to do that!

That means he’s got backing…….oh, Bob!

Arabella, there’s been rumors……oh, forever, about a secret cabal operating behind the scenes in Corcord. A secret powerful group, making all the decisions, pulling all the strings. I only heard the name once, and it was whispered. CCP, stands for Crazy Control Productions, I think.

They’re rumored to be the power behind the power. Some people whisper they cut a deal with the Trigs. I’m not sure I believe that….but, this Barcellona guy he’s got connections.

And, he moved my op-ed to a much better platform than I could have managed on my own……nope, no, we’re going to let sleeping fedos lie. I’m not messing with Barslow.

We’re going to capitalize on this opportunity. The only bad publicity is no publicity. I want you to message all our contacts in the fashion houses, every last one of them.

Wave this development in their faces, I want one of those guys to cough up some new clothes. I’ve done nothing but talk up their businesses forever. It’s their turn to oblige me. Play hardball about it.

I need new clothes. A new portrait. Maybe a new ship.

Oh, why do new clothes cost so much in this universe? Do you know how many frigates I can afford for the isk of a new outfit?

Tell’em if they don’t cough up this time, I’ll make sure they don’t get tickets to the granding opening of the Boom Boom Room’s expansion in Jita 4-4. That should make one of them get off their butt! The Boom Boom Room wouldn’t have gotten the financing without me talking about them, so I’m sure they’ll be happy to accommodate me. I’ve got VIP tickets afterall.

Yes, new clothes, new portrait, and a ship.

And then, my sponsorship.

Arabella, make sure our contract at Quafe hears about all of this, tell him to wave it in front of their decision makers.

My star is rising. They need to get on my bandwagon now!

Respond? Respond to what?

Oh, you mean all that chatter. No.

BEeeeCaaause, Arabella, you can’t argue with Stupid.

What’s the number one rule: Always bet on Stupid.

I’m not going to respond because you can’t argue with Stupid. You can’t reason with Stupid. You can’t even discuss with Stupid.

Because Stupid will grab you by the shirt collar and drag you down to their level and try to beat you about the head with….Stupidity!

And, you know what?

You can’t fix Stupid!

So, no, I’m not going to reply.

It’s an op-ed piece. It stands or dies on it’s own.

NO! New Clothes! New Portrait! New Ship!

Followed by……sponsorship!

And then, Arabella, if I’m lucky, if I play my cards right……I can apply to…to The Scope.

I could be employed by The Scope.

I could host one of their videos.

I could do that now, if it wasn’t for that blasted Alton Haveri. He’s been around forever. He’s got all the connections, isk, reputation, power. Hek, he knows where the bodies are buried, even the ones he didn’t put there himself!


It’s so unfair. I’m so new and he’s so……so….so old.

You know if he didn’t death clone back all the time, you could see his wrinkles!

(He has alsolutely poreless skin.)

It’s unfair!

I think I’d get along with Lena Amber. I think.

No. No, I’m going to do this.

I’ve set my goals. I’ve formulated a plan. I’m going to work, socialize, make connections, and make this happen.

I will be a real reporter!


No. No, I’m not talking to Harry.

I’m not.

Harry is a professional smuggler. He flies the ‘Dixie to Amarr walnut route.

And, he…got…caught.

That’s bad enough, Arabella.

But worse, he got caught eating the walnuts.

That’s just stu……



ICANP as an entry-level corporation for CODE? Strange, but given recent developments, it could work.

Just ditch the leadership and it could work.

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I feel that the Corp member who was asking for isk donations to have good intentions but could have found difficulty in achieving the various goals.

2 billion for a Procurer BPC would be way over the top but it might had been a guess on the price by that Corp pilot would was running the fund raising.

Was there a time frame on that fund raiser project? Had the isk been spent? Was there any outcome?

Personally I would avoid fund raisers like that as there are always hidden clauses where there are poorly put together.

It is simple to purchase blueprint copies for the Procurer as I currently had found it is easy to produce in batches of 4 at a time which I am doing right now. I fund my own projects and i guess others need to start fund raisers.

Lastly who can you really trust your isk with? My answer is only trust myself to do dumb projects where the only person to feel a loss is myself.

I would still donate to others if their project was solid and that an outcome was solid as i do like to invest.

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