Empire Politicians

This should be a good one. Amongst the four empires…

Name your…

  1. Favorite politician
  2. Most hated politician
  3. Most love-hated politician

…in recent memory.

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Ooh, that’s a tough one…

Also, Chamberlain Karsoth seems a bit of a ringer for #2.


Oh yeah, I can’t find a single person who likes that repulsive waste of oxygen Karsoth.

I wasn’t going to put mine, because I always focused more on ideals than on people, but I guess I’ll take an early stab at it. I’m still researching what I can about individual politicians, so these are just impressions.

When I was younger and paid a bit of attention to Federal politicians before zoning out, out of a disgusted sort of indifference, and moving to nullsec and basically anywhere else that wasn’t Federation space, my choices would’ve been.

  1. Fouritan
  2. Blaque
  3. Roden

Funny how it ended up turning out with Foiritan. He’s so unbelievably hated to this day and I honestly can’t tell how much of that is just him being the guy stuck wearing the dunce hat during the kickoff of a virtually undetectable surprise war.

Nowadays I definitely have different views but I’ve been out of the loop so long with regards to Empire politics that I have much digging to do, and I never followed the politicians much to begin with, mostly my views were hunches and ‘general direction’ of the country choices.

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  1. Murad Numayr, Governor of Dabara on Thebeka III
  2. King Khanid
  3. Emperor Heideran VII
  1. A very small amount of capsuleer diplomats, right after Volur Anja Tarronen who traveled very far for the sole purpose of spitting at the feet of a Fed official who had gotten away with wrongfully harassing and detaining a traveling Gripdjur which in turn caused significant political and financial fallout for the clan. Not so much because of the action, but because when he coincidentally died the day after (no seriously, everything I can find shows it’s coincidental) she just smiled oh so sweetly whenever asked if she had anything to do with it. Besides her and myself, I don’t think anyone believes it was a coincidence.

  2. Most capsuleer diplomats, particularly ones too close to Alliance Leadership. The amount of crap they pull just to desperately try to justify their positions cause death and destruction on insane scales, while at the same time standing in the way of actually useful violence. First thing we need to do for a peaceful New Eden? Kill all the diplomats. Every last one. Then we might be able to have an honest talk.

  3. Shakor, obviously. He did what he had to do. He staged a violent and bloody coup, a Night of Long Daggers that purged corruption and bloat from the disgusting government we had at the time, and have since gotten us back to a proper Council. He’s even stepped down from his own position of power…

… and he never finished the damn job. The Republic remains as paralyzed in terms of taking necessary action as its ever been, and he’s not doing it any favors with his choice of position and actions since. I hate what he did. I cherish him for doing it anyway, as it had to be done. I love him for giving up the power and raising the Council in his place. I hate him for not taking a tyrant’s position and steering the nation where it must go.

Blind old bastard. The finest and most reprehensible politician in New Eden, his hands stained with blood and salvation both.

  1. AlarChakaid. For being a clown.
  2. Omir Sarikusa. For being a clown.
  3. Graelyn. For being a clown.
  1. Chamberlain Pomik Haromi - for guiding and stabilising the Empire at it time of dire need.
  2. Sa-Baron Chakaid - For daring to speak ill of those loyal to the Empire.
  3. Yonis Ardishapur - whilst I could not agree with everything he set out to do, he was dedicated to the task at hand.

All are to cut down

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