EVE needs more Buttons

Time and time again when I see the gameplay of EVE, one thing comes to my mind: “this game needs more stuff to do in combat…”

Pretty much the amount of buttons that we get to push during combat is surprisingly small and this bring a full host of problems with it. Chief among them is making the PvE boring. To get optimal, a PVE ship only needs to be good at two things, DPS and tank, and that makes for only 2 buttons being needed.

The Abyss managed to create PvE that asked for plenty of actions and buttons, making almost mandatory cap management and protection. This made me realize that for the gameplay of EVE to be more, all ships and fits needed to incorporate those aspects such as cap interactions.

Pretty much, I suggest that each for should be able to fit and slot for cap warfare, electronic warfare (to differentiate from what I call range warfare: webs, scrams, points), and movements.

Each ship should be able to go from MWD to AB. Each ship should be able to either NOS or neut, each ship should be to either paint or track disrupt.
Yeah, I know this sounds crazy, but one look at the challenges of the Abyss, and the challenges made by CCP in the last events show that things gets interesting only when all those effects are used in a fight.

See ships like the Triglavian ones. They are interesting because a lot of them have this potential to use multiple effects in novel ways (spider tank, rcap, etc). Having more ships being less uni Dimensional would make the gameplay more interesting and truly unique.

EVE manage to do really intense fights with only 4 or 5 buttons and some heat, imagine what it could do with 3 more…

Maybe stop watching and go out and fight. There is plenty to do in combat. If you really want to stretch your legs run logi or ewar. Eve is not hurting for APM unless you’re running dps in a blob

A great example ships have been spider taking before trigs were even an unfortunate glint in ccps eye. And i can’t think of many “uni-dimensional” ships.

Even rookie ships can do this already.

Now if you want all ships to be able to do all of that all the time well… that’s just dull.

Bringing the right fit to the job is just as important a skill as using it effectively. So is avoiding situations you’re not built for or adapting when you find yourself in one.

The abyss doesn’t even come close. Most of it has been bashed out to the point that bots are able to complete the higher level ones now.


There is a huge amount of skill required for fitting, yes, there’s a limited number of “buttons to push” during combat, but the work has happened BEFORE this.





and that’s exactly the problem of the game. EVE is very much a Preparation game.

And the solution when you do not have the proper tools is to simply not undock.

Anyone should see why this is a problem. The less people undock, the worse the game gets.

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honestly only combed through this post but i agree with the concept that there should be more things to do in combat and it not be a simple mathematical equation of who simply has highest dps output. because as you say, if you don’t have the right tools you don’t undock.

tactics play a more critical role in combat, history is abundant with people using minimal weaponry to disrupt whole war efforts, farmers using shadows and close quarters combat to assassinate well guarded and armored targets.

a fundamental issue is that the way you fight back requires a variety of skills and isk, however resistance movements from warzone around the world have had the ability to take every day items and basically weaponize them with the use of various factors such as day and night cycles, weather, information about future movements rather than very shortly before.

the launching of D-day was entirely based on weather patterns I believe.
the blitz of london was partially foiled by the whole city blacking out its windows and hiding in anderson shelters while anti aircraft lit up the sky.
not to mention when france was occupied they weaponised anything and relied entirely on espionage with only limited support from allies due to logistics chains being unable to get resources to people.

the berlin airlift is a huge example of how logistics was actually a critical factor which helped prevent a war.

we need to be able to use creative and indirect ways of fighting back.

Hilmarr promised us storms and weathers, with the exact premise of forcing innovations and improvisations.

Guess it’s yet another fugazzi from Fanfest…

i don’t know what this means

but ccp has said things will get worse before they get better. so i believe playing the long game and making the best of things as they are will be best for everyone.
I also believe warclones are coming

the corpses of warclones past shall pave the way forward for a new era of warfare in new eden and it shall be glorious


To quote one of the great minds of our time,

It’s nothing, it’s like air.

Pretty much, CCP told a lot of pretty words at Fanfest, promised us wondrous systems and design methodology, and we got nothing out of it, air and wasted breath pretty much.

I have yet to see people talk about the Liminal storms in Null…

Sounds like CD Projekt Red and the Cyberpunk 2077 situation, among other examples. I guess bad management behaves the same everywhere producing similar results. :thinking:

No one forces players to orbit or keep at range.

From a pvp perspective, the best pvpers (and the best fleet FCs) manually pilot.

Then you also don’t stop clicking and engaging with the client during combat.

So I don’t think we need more buttons. If anything, CCP could just remove the orbit and keep at range features and individual activity with the client would instantly increase (and potentially botting would be harder, though I’m sure an equivalent of orbit could be programmed effectively for a bot). They’ll never do that though, and that’s not really a serious suggestion, just a alternative to more buttons that would produce a similar outcome.

Players can already choose to be more active though. Just don’t use the convenience tools.

So you are limited by either your fitting, or your combat skill. Are you asking for every ship to be great in all situations?

Now, now give them credit. They do add in a lot they show at fanfest. They are just first steps that will be built on in the future. They can’t help it that Vegas then promises something new and they have to move on to that. They’ll come back to it… eventually don’t worry. I mean it hasn’t been that long since they added in the half complete sentinel model has it? And pos will be removed once their functionality is fully replaced by the brand new structures its only been a handful of years, they’re getting there.

why would you not Bump the titian?

I think it is for friendly titans to not accidentally prevent them for escaping if things go badly, though just a guess on my part.

those who sits back and does nothing dies by the hand of tyrants while those who chooses to fight and act dies in vain

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