EVE novice registration proposal - story

I met EVE in Nanjing, China in 2006, and it has been 13 years now. Along the way, I am gratified to see how EVE continues to grow.

n the past I was just a player, I passively enjoyed the fun of EVE. I have identified EVE as not an ordinary game, he provides a virtual world. Playing in the game is only the second most complicated social system to maintain EVE. Yes, I have friends in EVE, I am very happy.

But it is different now! It is no longer the era before 2008. For the current game market, players have more and more choices. There are fewer and fewer friends. EVE is moving towards an aging population.

EVE needs a "change." I will recommend my proposal for a while. Gradually released.

For 13 years, I worked on game distribution and game production. Now I am also involved in the esports game business. And small achievements. I will write out why I recommend this in each proposal. And what changes will happen with this.

EVE’s novice guides from past simple tips, opportunities, space agents, professional agents, to the current interstellar agency-seeker investigation mission.

Really. I can see the efforts of the production team, but it is not good enough. My own attempt to experience. Recommended for ordinary people and sci-fi enthusiasts. Submit to a professional evaluation agency experience. The evaluation given is not good.

Impressed comments, I want to refute, but they gave up halfway (There is a good framework, world view, but many places are too rough.)

After some investigation and trial, I feel that it is time to submit the plan.

An excellent game guide is very important and it must be met.

Give new customers an excellent "substitute sense"

Help new customers become familiar with the operation

Guide new customers to experience game content

Pave the way for future game content

Suggestions for process modification of the game creation role

When the player enters the game for the first time to create a character, the whole game needs the sense of substitution. This will directly affect how long the new user can persist in the subsequent process.

Current Process: Opening Animation - Character Selection Interface - Creating Roles - Selecting Power - Selecting a Family - DIY Characters - Selecting a Social Background - Choosing a School Background - Entering the Game

n the past, more is to show power and family history. It now simplifies the display of information and provides a ship preview. This choice is not good, he seems to meet the demand, but in fact it is not enough

Below I will present my proposal (because there is no art creation ability, I will try my best to describe it clearly.)

The script will be created later.Otherwise, the length is too long, I will write independently.#


  1. New players enter the game for the first time

/ / Play settings animation CG (animated content is no longer a notice CG, fixed settings CG # set CG theme is: Who am I? I am a clone pilot!

The focus of CG is: For new players, how important are you to EVE, how different! Now you are awakened to a new world. Your story is about to begin. )

2, enter the initial role creation (I named her the clone pilot to register the Immigration Department)

#Scenes. First-person perspective. A reception hall with a sci-fi theme. . A beautiful receptionist. Other support scenarios

set up. This is the immigration reception center of the Department of Uniform Cooperation (or other). New players here to go through the immigration process (choose the role creation settings) will meet the beautiful AI Aola here.


Aola: Hello traveler, "EVE" welcomes you. Is there anything I can do for you?

Me: Yes, I am from a distant place, I want to visit here.

Aola: Sorry! I can’t confirm your identity further in my database. I can’t go through immigration procedures according to the **** regulations.

#Silence for a while, a person who can’t see the face, came over. Wearing a gorgeous dress.#

Mysterious man: Ok! Ola. Don’t bully outsiders. Execute the **** plan.

Aola: The plan begins to be implemented, yes. Chief.

#When the mysterious man passed by, he whispered to me: The earth is a beautiful place. He left without waiting for my answer.#

Aola:Hello, you are authorized to participate in the clone program, please read the guide. Then fill out the registration form.

Scenes. Some information appears on the screen

set up. The e-books of the future will provide a brief introduction of various forces in the form of propaganda materials, ships, and an official document **** plan *** clone plan (the above readings will eventually be in the form of articles, connections) Save for the player to read later, which will involve a system. Please let me add in the follow-up content). Players can have a general understanding of the basic forces, ships, characters, etc. after reading the above information. Then select the registration function. (The player can also choose to register without reading the reading. The registration function can be logged out at any time to watch the reading. The return will not be cleared to enter the content, unless the player changes it himself) (Please include, clone, transform, facelift in the clone plan) , join a nationality, can not be repented, etc. This is an important setting and foreshadowing)

Register settings. Registration settings must be designed to be strict. Just like a real registration form. Can simplify unnecessary content, some of the information here will affect some of the content in the subsequent role panel, such as personal information.

**** clone plan registration form

Role name, gender, age, personal description. Other places only make an art style. No need for players to fill out.

After registration is completed – submit

Aola:Collect and confirm that it is correct. Wait a minute. . . . The sound of the current. . .

Aola:To confirm. You have obtained **** level permissions. Please go to the technical maintenance department for the next step. I will explain other things in detail later.

Come to the technical maintenance department. This is a surgical scene, a place dedicated to human transformation.

Character DIY and national power choices will be made here.

//Doctor: Dylan Walsh: Wonderful meeting! Sit down and choose the one you like.

Enter the character preview and choose your favorite country, pedigree and character. Although the gender is filled in the registration form. But here players can still choose other genders.

Player DIY character completed

// I chose the same gender role as when I was enrolled. Doctor: Dylan Walsh: Is that true? It doesn’t look much different from what you are now!

// I chose a different gender from the registration form. Doctor: Dylan Walsh: Hey! The extra part is mine.

#After confirmation, the player is stunned after being injected with mysterious liquid.

wake up

I wake up from a hatchery. There are many people around me who are exactly the same as me. One of them was taken away. Then fall into the dark

wake up

A simple ward. Aola came in

// Aola: follow me

#The player is taken to the escape cabin

Aola: After the data is entered, this is a gift from ****. **The country’s insurance procedures are also complete. after…

A gunshot started the chaos, unfortunately Ola was hit.

// Aola: Please wait for the ** to leave and leave here. (Current sound)

Their goal is me. They attack the people around them. But they met the guards’ block

Aola ran to the console to start the device, but at the last minute. Aola took out the electronic chip and placed it in the hands of the player.

The screen ends. A large outbound button is shown in the middle

At this point, the stage where the new player creates the character is completed, and the next stage enters the game novice guide.##

##Problems involved in the scenario script##

  1. It is recommended to use comics and graphic interfaces, including CG. You can control the cost and increase the sense of substitution.

2, the text of the clone plan

  1. The contents of a bunch of promotional magazines

  2. In what form should the preservation of these guidance documents and materials? Easy to access.

5, the way the dialogue is displayed

6, art settings

7, create a second role (recommended to create a character after the second time is the same as the above script. Just remove the mysterious person, remove the attack. Peace complete the handover. Then enter the universe)

##Why am I designing this way?##

EVE is a huge world with many settings, history, and characters. and many more. It’s a good stage, but it’s too much data. A game is the most important sense of substitution for newcomers. To get through the initial self-awareness, self-setting and recognition of the worldview. But EVE now skips this phase directly. This is the key to EVE’s newcomers to newcomers. There is no sense of substitution. There is no gradual cognitive world. It’s like throwing a child suddenly into Times Square in New York and letting him find a person to open an account in the stock market with limited road signs.

##Purpose and elaboration##

The above setting scheme is only my personal setting. I just want to express the need to improve the substitution of the game and the survival rate of the newcomer. I need a set of scientific and reasonable solutions. The goals in this program are as follows. As long as the same purpose can be achieved. Scripts can be played infinitely. I also expect to write scripts with many people.

  1. Cognitive players, you are an outsider, you are about to enter the world of EVE

2, buried in the foreshadowing, telling the player that you may not be alone in EVE. Who is this mysterious person? This question may allow players to accept longer game exploration practices

  1. You are very special. You are different from the local residents of EVE. You are special!

4, through the display of information to understand the basic settings of the game, the world view, and equipment weapons that you can use later

5, DIY role, and through the description of the cosmetic scene, further enhance player awareness. this is you. You are me.

6, mysterious. A sense of violation. It seems that this is not as simple as the surface.

  1. Danger. You are not safe in this world, you have enemies. They are ruthless and cruel.

  2. Although you are not ready yet, your story in the EVE world is about to begin.

With such an emotional atmosphere, players will be able to get in touch with EVE’s world.

Destiny turns at this moment, your story is about to begin, there are still many unknowns in the future, and brave exploration. Don’t be afraid when you are on the road! You have friends! You are not boring on the road ahead! You have an enemy! Go to the universe! Go to the future!

##The next program notice: eve novice plot guide – sailing##

I hope that my friends and I will complete this huge design. Art settings are especially needed.

My Twitter @ryel_1990

##My difficulties##

I don’t paint and use PS, I can’t make a scene. I hope that some friends can work together.

My English writing ability is limited, I will attach my national language text.

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#场景 第一人称视角。一个星际主题的接待大厅。充满科幻。一个接待处。一个美丽的接待人员。场景其他配套
#设定 这里是统合部(或者其他)的入境接待处。新玩家在这里办理入境等级手续(选择角色创建设定)在这里将遇见美丽的AI奥拉。
#场景 画面上出现一些资料
#设定 未来十足的电子书,以宣传物的形式 分别提供 各个势力的简单介绍,舰船,还有一份正式文件 ***计划方案 克隆人计划 (以上读物最后会以物品,连接的形式保存以供玩家后续阅读,这又将牵扯到一个系统。请让我在后续的内容中补充)。玩家在阅读以上资料后可以对基本的势力,舰船,人物外观等有大概的了解。然后选择登记功能。(玩家也可以不阅读读物直接选择登记,登记功能可以随时后退出来在观看读物。中途返回不会清除以输入内容,除非玩家自己更改)(在克隆人计划中请务必包含,克隆,改造,整容,加入一个国籍,无法反悔等描述。这是重要的设定和伏笔)
#登记设定 登记设定务必设计的死板一些。就像真的登记表格一样。但要简化不必要的内容,这里的部分信息将会影响到后续的角色面板中的部分内容,如个人信息。
克隆人计划 登记表
角色姓名,性别,年龄,个人描述。 其他地方内容只做一个美术样式。不需要玩家填写。
#场景 来到整备部门 这里是一个外科手术风格的场景,一个专门做人体改造的地方。
#设定 在这里将进行人物DIY和势力选择。
#设定 进入角色预览,选择喜欢的国家,血统和人物形象。登记表中虽然填写了性别。但在这里玩家依然可以选择其他性别。
#设定 玩家DIY角色完成
#确认后,玩家被注射神秘液体后昏迷 播放一个15秒的CG
#场景 从一个培养槽中苏醒,身边有无数和自己一模一样的人。并且看到其中一个人被释放出来带走,然后陷入黑暗。
#场景 一个简洁的病房。奥拉走了进来。
//奥拉 跟我来
//奥拉 资料输入完毕,这是
#场景 一声枪响 混乱开始, 不幸的是奥拉被击中。
//奥拉 “玩家名字”请等登上
#远处过来一群人 肆意的攻击周边的人群。并开始接近玩家,很明显他们的目标是玩家。但他们遇到了当地的守卫阻拦。






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