EVE-O Preview v4.0.1 "Quatrus II" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2018-04-04 ]

(Ganthrithor) #66

I’m having a frustrating issue: when I launch the application it appears and generates previews of my EVE windows, but if I click any UI buttons to change a setting or try to move any of the preview windows around by dragging their window, the app crashes with no error messages. It just closes and vanishes.

There’s also no json file with the executable.

What happened? EVE O Preview used to work. I deleted my original installation and replaced it with a fresh download of the latest version: same issue.

Really bummed out right now as I can’t get this to work. Thought I’d try ISBoxer but I can’t even get that to launch a working EVE client, much less try and wade through making it render a bunch of little clients on my second monitor.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I seem to have resolved the issue by running the executable as administrator.

But… any chance I could make a feature request? Remove the thumbnail window size cap? It would be nice to make the previews a little bigger than 640x400 px :slight_smile:

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #67


a) Do not run EVE-O Preview from c:\Program Files or any other protected folders (f.e. Bitdefender by default restricts apps from writing operations in some folders). When you change anythinf from options to window layout EOP tries to update its config file, fails to do that and crashes (note to myself: provede better explanation in docs and better /any error message in the app itself). No need to run it as administrator if it is being run from other folder (f.e. I use D:\GameZone)

Please in case you’ll move the app to other folder double check that config file has proper access permissions (f.e. it is not marked as ‘only Admins can write to it’)


You can chenge the limitation in the config file.
This limitation has a dark story of ppl creating previes as large as 1024 x 768 on a low-end system and then complaining about performance issues :wink:
Still prolly you’re right - I’ll increase the default limit to 1/4 of the FullHD resoultion


(Ganthrithor) #68

Hey, thanks for the reply!

Just wanted to note: my “installation” was not in program files but was in a subfolder of my documents folder. When run as admin it works great. Without, it crashes.

I’ll see if I can edit the config file-- thanks for the tip!

EDIT: I played with the file and now have four, very-large previews each occupying 1/4 of my secondary 1680x1050 display. Wonderful! I now have all the functionality I wanted from ISBoxer, but without going through an entire, heinous week of reading manuals and setup guides. I love this program.

(Taric Laresh) #71

thanks for all your hard work.

I used your software for quite some time now and only today found out about the hotkeys.
Works like a charm…

Now I’d like to ask if there is a possibility to hotkey the “ctrl+click” hide function somehow?
Until a few weeks ago the clients in background ran with about 15-20 fps but now all clients run at full speed unless i minimize them with ctrl. Then the previews aren’t updated anymore at all.

One more thing i noticed is when i display the ingame FPS window and i go from background to focus the FPS drops down from 120+ back to 60 (i play on windowed with interval one). So the minimizing does not seem to limit FPS anymore but instead disable interval one somehow.

I assume it has more to do with a windows or graphics card driver update then eve-o preview but, since you know your stuff, maybe you can still help me out what might cause that?!

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #72


Sorry for belated answer. End of the year can be quite a busy time :wink:

Sounds like a bug. Meh. Something to look at during New Year holidays.

The difference is that when a client is running in background it is not minimized. It is just placed behind other windows. I suspect that EVE client somehow handles minimize command in its own way to be able to process in-game events. Thus the preview drop on minimized clients (I’ll try to repro/fix this behavior in the next few days).

Most probably this is related to something changed to the client. Just tied it out WITOUT EVE-O Preview running and got same 120 FPS. Tbh for some reason I believe that tese are nor ‘real’ FPS but some kind of EVE FPS monitor bug.

UPDATE: For me a preview of a minimized client updates like 4 times a second (this is a new behavior, earlier it was updatidn with normal frequencity). May I ask you what Windows version do you use? Also did I correcty understood you that you get a static picture on a minimized client’s preview that doesn’t update at all?

(Otlichnick) #73

Really need this program to do 1 more thing. Have a option to “Minimize when not in focus toggle button on the overlay”

If the toggle is set, Eve O Preview will minimize that/all window/s with that toggle set when a new Preview is clicked.

Eve when minimized uses so much less cpu.

Running 6 accounts maxes my cpu. But if i minimize evertything that im not using my cpu drops to 64% and everything runs great. This takes alot of mouse effort to keep up with.

Is this something that can be implemented already? custom config or something? If not it would be an amazing performance increase option to anyone that multi-boxes.

(Liam Andelare) #74

This may be a common problem, but when I open my two Eve accounts, log in, and then open Eve O Preview, the preview windows do not appear within the Eve client. They only appear on my desktop screen. Is there any easy fix for this?

Thank you

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #75


You mean that preview windows fall behind the EVE Online client window? If so then please double-check that the General / Previews always on top option is enabled.

(Thai Mhalbarei) #76

This program works really well and I think that a little “save/load profile” would be a big plus :
That’s how I do at the moment or maybe I’ve missed that function ?

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #77


It is not that ‘little’ :wink:

Still that will be one of features of the upcoming EOP 4.0 release

(Waltaratzor) #78

Hi, if I open Eve first, my windows do not appear or show up in active clients. All I see are 3 copies of CompatWindow, which is a blank white screen.

And even if I open your program, then Eve. It will revert back to CompatWindow after a while.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #79

Hey. What is your Windows version?

(Waltaratzor) #80

Windows 10

(oxDARKWINGxo) #81

Is this program still legal today??/ I don’t understand much of what makes them legal/illegal aside of controlling multiple accts at the same time. I just simply would like to have what I guess you would call a “monitor manager” so i can have multiple miners on the same screen and be able to click and switch between them. Not to control multiple accts at the same time, or ANYTHING else that will get my accts banned or illegal to ccp. I love the sounds of your program and im looking forward to trying it out.

Best Regards,


(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #82

It is an advanced Alt-TAB application.
It does NOT allow anything that would be an EULA violation:

  • no pass-thru clicking (ie one cannot click on the preview and get the same action being repeated in the client)
  • no partial overlay (ie one cannot display, f.e., only overview of the second client in the preview)
  • no client automation
  • no action multiplexing (ie press button once - got it repeated in several clients)

Also this tool does NOT anyhow interact with the EVE world at all.

PS If you’ll decide to try the tool set your client display mode to Fixed Window or Window mode in the client settings (1st tab, upper-left corner)

PPS Feel free to eve-mail me if you’ll need any help with setting the tool

(Meghan Keikira) #83


I’m having some issues on windows 7. I can load up the software fine (have also run as admin) and can configure my windows and settings just fine. The issue comes when I start clicking through clients. Some client’s boxes will randomly disappear (the physical box in which the client is displayed as a part of the program) and will not come back unless I force hide and force unhide them, after which I click on them again they will disappear. I checked that I meet all the requirements to run the software, have run it as admin and triple checked my settings. Do you have any advice? Thanks.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #84

Please drop me your config file via in-game mail. See the 1st post re how to do this and how to anonymize the config file

(oxDARKWINGxo) #85

TY Tig-Rah,

I will indeed be setting it up tonight, or tomorrow, and I will definitely give you a shout, in game, with any further questions or concerns. I really appreaciate your time in replying to me, as well as the program loox SUPER :smiley:

Best Regards,


(Gorn Sasen) #86

I have a question. I have white frames in my Overlay. woop

I am using 2 monitors and 3 clients.

Usually my main client is on monitor 1 in window mode.
The client 2 and 3 are on monitor 2, also in window mode.
I am using window mode, because I can swap to my browser and look up players on eve killboard.

What can I do to fix the white frames in my Overlay?

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #87


Sidenote - switch to the borderless mode (disable Overlay -> Show frames). It looks way better that way.

Adjust size of your thumbnails and if needed, adjust height to width ratio of your windowed clients to be more or less the same

The catch is that all previews have the same size and I cannot deliberately stretch the EVE client preview. So if height to width ratio of EVE clients differs way too much some previews will end with displaying default background color. I tried making the background transparent but that ended with even better mess - one clicks on an empty screen area and suddenly an EVE client pops up. Kinda sad when this happens f.e. in the middle of a fight.