EVE-O Preview v4.0.1 "Quatrus II" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2018-04-04 ]

(Kyno Tadaruwa) #108

Is there anyway to lock these previews in position between clients? I have 5/6 clients open at same time and the previews move all over the screen from clients to client and stack. And they never stay in the arrangement you have set.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #109

Uncheck the General -> Unique layout for each client option

(Doss Brannigan) #111

After doing this windows update, mine started to work

(Faylee Freir) #112

Is there any way for EVE-O Preview to save the exact positions where I want each client?

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #113

From readme.pdf:
General -> Track client locations -> Determines whether the client’s window position should be restored when it is activated or started

(Faylee Freir) #114

Ok thanks. Was just wanting to confirm as I am having issues with this working. I will mail the config.

Edit: I totally hadn’t realized that there was a new release. Sorry. I’ve downloaded this and will update this post if it ended up working for me. Thanks a ton for developing this!

(HandSoLow) #115

Hi, thanks for replying. I just installed the Framework and redownloaded Eve-O Preview.

I run Windows 8.1.

I got the file from the date of the crash but what is your email address? I can not seem to find it anywhere.

EDIT: After downloading the Framework, everything seems to work now. Thank you for the help. o7

(Nocobo) #116

You might want to add the ability to select which clients to minimize to conserve resources (when inactive). Justified for the merchant window in the hub or auxiliary windows that fly behind the main and does not require observation on the miniview.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #117


It is possible to setup clients that will NOT be minimized via configuration file.

(Nocobo) #118

thanks, and i see, can set shortcuts for clients, very good)

(Faylee Freir) #119

Can you elaborate on how the program stores client positions? I had a situation this morning where I launched my clients and logged in, then opened Eve-O Previewer and it put some of the clients in the correct position but others it didn’t. Does it save client positions upon closing out of eve before closing out of eve-o previewer or do I need to close Eve-o previewer first so it saves?

Is there any way to manually put in values so I can make sure that the client positions are saved?


(Kain Derpsson) #120

Is anybody using this with Windows 10 N (without media feature pack) version 1709 build 16299.371 and/or on AMD RX480?
I can launch the program, change settings, move preview windows around, but nothing shows actual previews. The windows stay black.
Am I missing something?

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #121

@Nocobo Feel free to send me a mail in-game in case you’ll have any issues setting hotkeys, One day I’ll add GUI to them, I promise xD


Position changes are gathered on every client activation via thumbnail

Positions are applied on new client startup

Positions are not auto-saved until any other option is changed. IOW if you want to guarantee that updated window positions are saved then f.e. move a thumbnail 1 px to side and back

Seems like some kind of DWM issues and/or Aero is disabled.

Press Win + TAB to open that fancy Alt-TAB windows list. If there are no previews at all there or they are just still images then, well, your Windows version misses a component or two. Unfortunately I don’t have a WinN installation to check this by myself.

(ZASASEL) #122


i don’t know if this was asked before but i would like to ask if its possible to use the minimize inactive client window with still active thumbnail for live preview?
Remember back a couple years ago it was working but i am not sure what version or settings were used.


(Aishtar Sheran) #123

Does the application verify whether every eve account is in omega state (through the API) and, consequently, to forbid or allow further actions?

I think this is very important to clarify.

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #124

Don’t think so. Seems the EVE graphic engine has updated since. AFAIK the only option to have more or less acceptable FPS for minimized clients is to not minimize them. This behavior is not EVE-O related

(Phrynohyas Tig-Rah) #125

Aside that there is no such API in EVE ( https://github.com/ccpgames/esi-issues/issues/95 ) , why on Earth would it do it? Alpha/Omega status doesn’t have anything to do with what EVE-O Preview does.

(Ox Fast) #126

This is an awesome update. I love the resource changes, been running most of my clients in low settings just because I did not need to over run my GPU/CPU but with this it is pretty much the same as running a single client on high!

My only question/bug report is that the position for any client being launch keeps resetting itself. In previous version I could move it just like the other characters. It is not a game breaker just a small thing.


(Jack Mayhem) #127

Great tool, thanks.

I am running EVE-O on two different laptops. On both inactive windows are minimzed. Interestingly enough, on one the inactive thumbnails slowly update (every several seconds), and on other one it’s purely static showing same snapshot from minimizing time.

Do you have any idea what could cause it, maybe some Windows setting? Would love slow refresh on other laptop as well.

(RhonerOne Overevenger) #128

When I try to extract Eve-O Preview version 4.0.1 to my Eve folder, Norton removes the Eve-O Preview.exe file. See below screenshot for the information provided by Norton on this file.

I would really like to use this tool, is there any way to make Norton like this file short of overriding it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks