EVE-O Preview v5.0.0 "Scourge" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2019-07-12 ]

Hello, I am not able to see the game in the thumbnails and the thumbnails will not appear when i open the game. They show up outside of game in front of all other applications but not in game.

What’s the mode you use to run EVE?

Press Esc, in the options dialog appeared select 1st tab (‘Display & Graphics’) and check the Display mode (the most upper left dropbox) - what value do you have there?

full screen

I’m dumb. i see it now. fixed windowed mode it is.

Definitely no, you are not :slightly_smiling_face: . You just missed a minor and not so obvious thing (after all Fullscreen and Fixed Window look exactly the same from user POV)

I’ve actually noted that it’s just the default character-select window that renders at 0,0, and doesn’t matter if I save the window elsewhere either positive or negative value. What I’d like to happen is that is doesn’t cover up my main window while I’m logging in.

I’m having troubles even launching the program.

A .txt file is created when launched. Here is the contents:

System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.
at System.Reflection.RuntimeModule.GetTypes(RuntimeModule module)
at System.Reflection.RuntimeAssembly.get_DefinedTypes()
at EveOPreview.LightInjectContainer.Register(Type serviceType, Assembly container)
at EveOPreview.Program.InitializeApplicationController()
at EveOPreview.Program.Main()

You have to install .NET Framework update. Take it from here: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework-runtime

Also, minimize not works good on latest win10 if you not run eve-o with admin rights.

Thanks a lot, I’ve been looking for this for a long time. ready to donate isk//

ISKies are always more than welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

For the future reference:

You start your EVE clients with elevated privileges. Obviously a program started using an ordinary user privileges (ie NOT as an Administrator) cannot do certain things with Admin-user windows. Windows security and so on.

Actually I am really surprised (and disappointed) that Windows did not prevent all access to EVE clients from EVE-O Preview running with lower privileges. Still, that’s a Win security issue and we cannot do anything here

Hi, i am using your great tool and it work perfect! i wanted now to expand my windows and installed eve on second computer and installed same settings as on main computer. when i am using a regular monitor, then the “preview” windows show the correct window of eve. BUT when i am connecting to that computer via remote desktop or teamviewer or VNC etc… it works, but the preview windows are only black :frowning: . do you have an idea?


Well, apparently the tech used by EVE-O can’t work on remote desktops.
Wait for the next Beta - there should be a new ‘potato’ mode that should work on remote desktops too (at expense of less smooth live previews, they will be limited to 1 FPS)

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and an other issue that i have. when i open e preview. it place often some windows wrong, not at the last position: example https://i.gyazo.com/e57bf53e6eeebe7bd55f58725d05eb38.jpg maybe there should be a template that can be saved and loaded and not autosaved?

I’ve been using eve-o for the last 4 months without issue. Love the program and pass it onto others to use.

Today, after acting normally for awhile, I encountered an odd error. The preview client window was ‘frozen’ for one of the windows. When I opened the client that had an issue, it would automatically open the other clients with just a mouseover. Usually, I would have to click that for it to work.

I restarted my eve clients, and the problem spread to all of the clients.

I restarted my computer, and again it happened. I uninstalled eve-o, rebooted, and re-installed.

The issue persists.

Any suggestions to troubleshoot this?

EDIT: Fixed it! For some reason, my eve clients reset to fullscreen mode.

Just for the protocol - EVE-O doesn’t write anything outside of its folder, So just deleting the .json file would be sufficient to fully reset the configuration.

A nice new “feature” of Win10 - if your client (or any other app) is minimized, then Windows does NOT refresh its thumbnail. Literally nothing can be done here. I guess that when an EVE client runs in fullscreen mode, all other clients are being treated by Windows as minimized, thus their previews are turned into still images.

is anyone else having the problem with CTRL+ click to lock a target? I have CTRL as my locking but it isn’t working still

How exactly this question is related to this topic?

I forgot to mention that I actually got in contact with Microsoft about this issue and they had no idea it had occurred, I also didnt recall which windows update screwed this part of windows.

On another topic, is it possible to make it so that only one instance of eve-o preview can be launched? I know its silly, but sometimes I accidentally launch a few instances to only notice down the line when I move the login preview. Not the end of the world, you’ve done an amazing job taking over this and for all intent and purposes, this is an amazing tool.