EVE-O Preview v5.0.0 "Scourge" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2019-07-12 ]

Could it be resurrected? :smiley: Or perhaps the workaround reenabled or better officially supported (i.e. allow multiple instances running from separate folders to control different sets of windows) ?

Hey there Phryn, first off, AWESOME program, huge fan! I recently noticed that when I use the “minimize inactive clients” function it no longer updates their preview windows, and instead shows the last static image from when they were open - I seem to remember that it used to show them “live” at a much slower framerate - is there something wrong with my program or is my memory mistaken? Thanks for all the help!


Your memory is now mistaken. It seems a year or two ago one of the Windows updates disabled thumbnail updates for all and any minimized windows (regardless is it EVE, YouTube, VLC or anything else). There’s literally nothing that can be done re this. The only workaround is to mark some EVE clients as priority ones so they won’t be minimized even if the “minimize inactive clients” option is enabled.

PS Btw my short name is Tig-Rah (not Phryn) and we’re (almost) in the same corp :wink:

Great app! cant live without it… sadly since yday security update of windows 10 neither of your versions will start… Good ol “EVE-O Preview has encountered a problem and needs to close… review crash log etc” Can’t find any crash log to be helpfull tho… :frowning:


Odd. A crash log should be located next to the .exe file. It should be named EVE-O Preview.log

It would be really great if you’d be able to send it to me via eve-mail or at lest to attach it here.

I have an issue where sometimes EVE-O Preview doesn’t handle a keybind and it gets passed on to EVE.

I use buttons on my mouse which are mapped to keybinds like CTRL+F5, etc., to switch accounts. Unfortunately buttons like CTRL and ALT are used in Eve for locking and other interactions. What happens is that if I try using CTRL+something as a keybind to switch accounts, it will consistently and repeatly trigger the lock action on those accounts.

Looking at the code it seems that whether the keybind is handled or not is conditional so it’s not always handling the message using Windows.

Could the logic be changed to always handle the keybind? Or add an option to do so?

So. When you press f.e. Crtl+F1 this means that you press Ctrl and then F1 . EVE sees a Ctrl button press and starts its actions. Preventing it from doing that would mean changing the way EVE client works. So this won’t happen. Ever.

That’s not completely true. Eve should not intercept hotkey combos using modifier keys. For example, if I press CTRL in Eve it will lock my current target. If I manually press CTRL+F5 or something, it will not lock anything. I think something with how it behaves when the active client is being swapped during the hotkey press is causing the keys to go through.

EDIT: This seems to be an issue with Logitech Gaming Software and how it simulates using modifier hotkeys.

I should be missing something cause english is not my mother tongue but I cannot find a way for eve O to remember the position of my thumbnails…
I have 2 screens and the idea is to display the client on the right one, with the thumbnails on the left screen, so I can have quick access to each account.
I thought that “Track client locations” should be the thing I’m looking for but selected or not I doesn’t change anything to me, each time I start eve O and my - for the moment 2 accounts - the thumbnails stack on the upleft corner of the right screen again…

Is there a way to just lock the positions one for all ? =)

“Track client locations” is a different thing.

So there are 2 possible things here:

  1. You are starting EVE-O Preview from a folder it cannot write its configuration back to
  2. Your clients are on the character selection screen. At this stage there in NO legit way to find out the char name, so the default thumbnail position is used.

You need to

  1. Start both your accounts
  2. Log in into your chars
  3. Start EVE-O Preview
  4. Position thumbnails as you want them to
  5. Click both thumbnails to switch to the corresponding clients

After this thumbnail positions should be saved into the configuration file

Of course !
If char are not logged how eve O could know ? ^^"
Sorry for the stupid question… now it’s perfectly working.
Thanks for your quick assistance and for this tool… I will test it a bit further to manage a mining fleet :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m Running into something I’ve not ever had.
When I open up Eve-O Preview the windows come up, but I’m not able to get to the settings,
If I want to close it, I have to go to Task Manager and close it that way.
How am I to adjust the settings and close it IF all I get are the windows popping up, but that’s it?

What happens when you right-click the tray menu icon?

Try to minimize everything using the Win+M shortcut and then right-click the tray menu icon.

I had to delete it about 6 times and redownload it for it to finally give me the tray. I able to get it to close and open now. Not sure what was goin on

Redownloading did not do any difference. Just a glitch with the tray icons / taskbar

I down loaded the eve o but and i want to change the settings but its impossible to get the settings menu forward again and i dont know how to delete the eve-o where do i do that so i can reinstall it and try again

Which settings do you want to change ?

To change the Launcher settings, hit the icon with three horizontal bars at the top-right of the Launcher screen, and select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.

To change the Client settings, start a client and hit Escape to bring up the Settings screen.

The soft is great, big thnx for it :ringer_planet:
ctrl+click - is the worst you could imagine to add … when i try to ctrt+space to each alt - i minimize them ! omfg ! you didn’t even add a option to disable it.
shorcut binds to each alt is good, but it would be better to have a button " NEXT of Previous alt" sequence should be add in config file by hands…

Don’t know if this is a bug or a feature, but I don’t get my preview windows updated, except for the one in focus.
If this is a feature, I’d like to know how it can’t be turned off

Disable the ‘Minimize inactive clients’ option.

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