EVE-O Preview v5.0.1 "Fua Was Wrong" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2020-06-01 ]

First time using EVE-O. First off I think its great that someone created this tool. It works great when my client is in windows mode but the preview window is no longer their when I change my client to full screen view. Is their a setting im missing?

love the app my krabbing has never been so efficient, had a problem where if I changed displays the thumbnails would snap to offscreen on login. fixed it by holding on to the thumbnail via click and drag while the character was logging in then moving it to where it was needed

Fullscreen mode is not supported. You need to use the Fixed Window mode instead.

Long time user of EVE-O here. I have always used it with option to minimize inactive windows, however lately it doesn’t work - the windows are not brought to front if I click on thumbnail, and inactive window is not minimized. Everything works in not-minimizing mode though. Any ideas what could be the cause?

EDIT: nvm, browsed this thread and found a solution - administrator rights :slight_smile:

First, big fan, great job!

I would like to know where i can find the entire list of keyboard commands that aren’t obvious like F1 or numpad. I.e. Numpad plus or keys that aren’t on the english keyboard. Is there a guide somewhere?

I would like to use Numpad + - * / ie.


My bad. I again forgot to put a list of possible values to the docs.

This is the list: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/api/system.windows.forms.keys?view=netframework-4.8

Numpad ±*/ will be Add Subtract Multiply Divide accordingly

Is it possible to have different sized previews? Or are all previews required to be the same size?


Same size only

Sorry if this has been answered before but i am getting lost in the wall of text, can you make it so certain clients are minimized instead of all inactive ones since minimize disables the preview live action feed and i still want to leave 1 client per fleet to show the overall status of said fleet from watch list.


Check the docs file.
Section “Configuration File-Only Options”, option " PriorityClients":

Allows to set a list of clients that are not auto-minimized on inactivity even if the Minimize inactive EVE clients option is enabled. Listed clients still can be minimized using Windows hotkeys or via Ctrl+Click on the corresponding thumbnail
The default value is empty list []
For example: “PriorityClients”: [ “EVE - Phrynohyas Tig-Rah”, “EVE - Ondatra Patrouette” ]

Thank you very much my friend, keep up the good work and sorry for missing something so obvious from manual :slight_smile:

Hey @Phrynohyas_Tig-Rah, thanks for making Eve-o, it’s really indispensable to me.

I tried looking in this thread but the scrollback was too much, I am having an issue where my previews keep reverting to their smallest allowable size and I cannot get them to stay the size I set.

I thought it was a write issue, maybe with were it’s saved on my system but I do not believe that is it at this time. Any tips?

Do you by any chance have 2 displays with different resolutions? If so then try to switch preview borders off

I have just one display at this time, but that does give me an idea!

I removed the config json file and replaced it with a new one by re-running the .exe, and it worked fine for a period of time, but is now causing the same issue. I’m wondering what I could be doing. It’s most probably something on my system causing it… hopefully you may have an idea or two. Either way, I appreciate your time.

Hey im having some problems with my eve-o preview, it showing some error message i dont understand, tried reinstalling it but its not working, help appriciated.


It explicitly mentions a crash log file. Please send this file to my eve-mail or just publish its content here.

Hi . Good job and thank you for the application. It seems to work only when the Eve clients are in window mode. Am I missing something?

Only Fixed Window and Window modes are supported.

That said, Fixed Window mode doesn’t differ much from the Fullscreen mode except it is easier to switch between task in the Fixed Window mode.

Could an easier key binding method be added? Perhaps some GUI rather than editting the json file?