EVE-O Preview v5.0.1 "Fua Was Wrong" (multi-client preview / switcher) [ 2020-06-01 ]

Ah ok thanks. Wasn’t aware of this. Guess I’ll stick with it the way it is.

btw, that 3rd party program for simulating fullscreen also conflicts with eve-o preview in nasty ways

Which one and how exactly?

Which is rather useless, since it zooms both preview image and control area.

  1. it prevents mousing over the side bar (have to hit windows key to prompt it)
  2. it’ll start playing havoc with your thumbnails (see pic)

Hi, just downloaded and am using EVE-o. It makes the thumbnails fine, they just show up on my main windows screen and they don’t show up on my eve client. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

I have my EVE clients set to fullscreen mode, I’m running windows 10 x86 and I got version 5.0.1.

Note: I figured out that if I run my eve clients in windowed mode the displays do appear on top. This is not ideal as I prefer to run in fullscreen mode.

Also, I would like to be able to click and drag the overlay instead of needing to pull up the frame in order to drag it.

Try the Fixed Window mode. It looks exactly like Fullscreen

No one reads docs these days :wink:

Mouse Gestures and Actions

Mouse gestures are applied to the thumbnail window currently being hovered over.

Action Gesture
Activate the EVE Online client and bring it to front Click the thumbnail
Minimize the EVE Online client Hold Control key and click the thumbnail
Switch to the last used application that is not an EVE Online client Hold Control + Shift keys and click any thumbnail
Move thumbnail to a new position Press right mouse button and move the mouse
Adjust thumbnail height Press both left and right mouse buttons and move the mouse up or down
Adjust thumbnail width Press both left and right mouse buttons and move the mouse left or right
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Thanks @Phrynohyas_Tig-Rah I actually did read the docs, apparently not thoroughly enough. I’m loving the program :slight_smile: and this is very helpful!

I am wondering why my little thumbnails only show movement for as long as I don’t toggle one of them. After that, I just see a stationary picture on the thumbnail with no movement. Is my computer just to low-end/old to handle this thing?



@Tobiant_Ormand as @Tonto_Auri stated, disable the ‘Minimize Inactive Clients’ option. Minimize EVE clients no longer update themselves. I have a couple of crazy ideas re this (like decreasing CPU priority of inactive clients instead of minimizing them), yet atm this feature not ready for deployment

Awesomesauce! I had stopped using Eve-O about a year ago because of this issue. Glad I started using it again and had the testicular fortitude to ask questions this time around :wink:

Guys, you can ALWAYS ask your questions here, or via eve-mail (if you want to keep them private) or via GitHub issues

Hi Phrynohyas! First, thank you for your work, it’s a fantastic program that does what it says and doesn’t act like a resource hog. I love it.

Is the program supposed to remember the position of the thumbnails when you close it and reopen it next time? I would think so, and I assumed it was the “Track client locations” checkbox that would control this, but checked or not Eve-O always opens in the top left corner of my main monitor (dual monitor setup). I have the program file in it’s own folder which resides on the desktop (Windows 10 64-bit).

Sorry if this has been asked before! Thanks in advance for any insight.




Yes, it is. However there is one exception: if a client is still on a char selection screen then its preview will land in upper left corner of your screen (I am going to make this default position configurable). The reason is that when a client is sill on the char selection screen there is not conventional way (except of direct reading of client memory which is meh) to find out account name used, so there is no way to store own preview location for this particular account.

Ah ok. I’ve always started EVE-O first and then the client, so it always shows up in the top left. When I start the EVE client first and log in all my characters Eve-O DOES open where it was when I closed it last.

Thanks Phrynohyas!



i discovered eve-o today and it looks like a great tool.
Unfortunately I encountered several problems
like the fact that the windows do not fix and move after each switch or that eve-o closes for no reason simply by clicking on it.

thank you :slight_smile:


Please provide more details (like step-by-step reproduction steps)

The first problem is that when I try to configure eve-o it quits as soon as I click on the settings window.
The second is that when I change client the window for switch is not in the same place and changes place.

If you see message like

EVE-O Preview has encountered a problem and needs to close. Additional information has been saved in the crash log file.

then this means that application cannot write down its configuration file (f.e. because you have installed EVE-O Preview into C:\Program Files)