Eve-O Preview

Anyone using Eve-O Preview with linux? I am running Ubuntu 21.04. I used Eve-O when i was running windows but im not looking at going back to windows.

Have you found a solution?

I have not… I will post something as soon as I do though

I wonder how it will interact with dual monitors ;O

Works fine, you can position the previews anywhere across any of your monitors.

So you’re running EVE-O Preview on Linux with dual monitors setup?

Could you create a screenshot for me (there is an option OverlayShow overlay that can hide your char names for opsec reasons)? Also could you drop me and in-game mail with your Linux version and hardware stats (like CPU/GPU model and amount of memory installed)? Need this for statistical reasons, all data will be kept private


Hey, i noticed that sometimes, when do an action on one window, it happen on other windows, too. it seems like it press the button on the same position in other windows. last day i opened on one window my corp window and it popped up on all other too. how is this happening?

And watch this: https://i.gyazo.com/936e9fbba80546ad9dcc39d4f2286f4e.mp4
when i change window and hover over in inventory you see, that in other windows it hovers too.

I am running EVE-O with Ubuntu 21.10. Works fine after I installed .NET 4.8 following the steps in the HowTo/Notes section here:


The only problem I have is that I got used to having my clients set up next to each other on my 4k display already and don’t remember why I needed EVE-O. :thinking:

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