Eve on imac

thinking of buying imac with the following specs. CPU intel i7 @ 3.8 ghz, 8gb ram, radeon pro 5500 xt with 8gb ram. any thoughts on how well eve online will run on that setup

I play on a 27 inch iMac that is the same CPU and GPU (although I do have more Ram), and Eve looks and plays great. The only real issue that I’ve had has been with kill marks. I can’t see kill marks on any ship (mine as well as ships flown by other people) and I play on the highest possible graphics settings.

I’m not sure what the minimum requirements are for Ram, but I’d consider upgrading that. You probably have two 4GB Ram cards, and have slots for four of them, total. You can get two more relatively cheap on Amazon and put them in yourself.

I have a Mac mini: got a kill mark on my orca from a suicidal war target - took me like 30 minutes to find it. Medium to high settings with a eGPU 580.

Your kill marks are there, they are just extremely tiny. I think control and mouse wheel or option and mouse wheel will change the zoom level (not the same as when you just mouse wheel)

I know where they are supposed to be, and what they look like. I cannot see them. Friends have screen-shotted my Cynabal in space and they are there in the screen shot. When I screen shot (or look directly) they do not appear. This applies to every ship that I own that has kill marks… the Cynabal was the first that I noticed it on. This also applies to every other ship that has kill marks. They do not appear for me.

Maybe a caching issues. But who knows.

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