Which new iMac?

I’m about to buy a new iMac, since eve killed the video card in my 2011 one. I’m looking at 27 inch models. Which one should I get? Three models, each with i5 processors. I Didn’t see an i7. Three different video cards. Are all three good for Eve?

Where are you buying it from?

And have you looked at the configuration options? https://www.apple.com/imac/specs/

What is your spending limit?

As it stands right now > EVE on Mac is run via WINE which is currently stuck in 32 bit client mode, so ram is limited to 3.5 gigs (EVE only sees up to 3.5 gigs).
So no matter what iMac you buy right now, it will have more than enough power to run EVE.

Things to keep in mind -

macOSX High-Sierra is the last version to support 32 bit applications - that includes EVE. So you will probably get stuck with that OS if you make EVE your primary factor for buying.
CCP and Wine are being worked on, so the requirements can change at anytime.

Authorized Apple dealer I’ve been dealing with for 20 years. Limit 2500 more or less. I’ve looked at the options, but I haven’t kept up with the tech since I retired. Looking at maybe the middle model if the video card is good enough, but i5 or i7? I could go up a model.

I looked at the Mac Pro. Not sure I want to spend that much.

Mac Pro (trash can model) is retiring soon™

Well, I!m kind of in a hurry - the old iMac is definitely dead, and I’m having withdrawal symptoms. Plus I left an alt in space somewhere.

What do you think of the current mid-grade iMac?

I do have Parallels, with Windows 10, though I haven’t tried to run EVE in it. I hear it’s not so hot. I can also put Windows in a Bootcamp partition. So the 32-bit support going away should not be a problem - I think. Or am I missing something?

It sounds like you will be fine.

Buy a PC, you get loads more for your cash. iMac are pointless for a gaming PC.


Mid-range 27" iMac, stock. Still setting up, but I can run EVE. This Retina display is amazing. I’ve gone from full screen mode on the old Mac to windowed on this one, and it still looks bigger than it used to. No crashes yet either.

I played with one at a Best Buy. They are amazing to look at. And amazing screens. Apple is finally doing some progress on game graphics, but the game developers just aren’t all up to using it yet. I also play D3 and SC2 once in a while and blizzard has started and been working on metal development for them so much better than standard. Feral has made statements they plan on going back and redoing a lot of their titles on metal API for graphics.

imac 2017 with gpu 580 can 1440p at 30-40 fps, with eve online even better i think. There were some feedback on the forum on new imac. Also there is i7 7700k model (4 cores 8 threads).
More on gpus:
Model 570 -575 -580
Tflops 3,5 - 4,5 - 5,5
You can roughly say that’s how they can be compared. 570 is almost the same as 395x

Still trying to find the best resolution. Using windowed mode (on the old iMac I always used full screen, but I read somewhere that’s a bad idea, particularly with a 27" Retina 5K display).

Heads up, I have an older iMac that ceased to function after an update. The system told me the graphics card was broken and the Apple staff told me the thing was dead and I needed a new computer.

Turns out, it was a deliberate destruction of the product by Apple. After much mucking around and research, I was able to get the machine to work again. It still doesn’t work as it once did, but at least I can use it for back up and as a spare internet terminal for the wife.

I’m not dissing Apple, I’m just stating the facts. That firm will decide when you need a new product, and they are not shy about leading you along the righteous path.

What year of a machine. My iMac is from 2012. macOS High Sierra is the EOL OS for my machine. So I already know I will need to update sooner than later. Just would like to know how many years you got out your iMac? I’ve been pushing 5+ for each of mine.

I know people using their iMacs for work - graphic and photography stuff - that’s been pushing their imaces for 7 years without a problem. My macbook pro is 5 years old and still working fine with Eve if you turn down some of the graphic details in the settings. My 27" iMac i7 from last year (2016) works without a hitch.
I’m pretty sure you can run Eve with full graphic settings on any new iMac no matter which one you buy, so just choose whichever you want…

And another note - the base 27" inch all have i5 processors, but you can choose to upgrade them in the configuration.
I’d say it is only worth it if you use it for work and really need it or if you plan on keeping it 7+ years, otherwise I’d say stick with the i5

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