EVE Online - 18th anniversary

Now that EVE is coming of age, can we legally sue it for damages? :thinking: For instance for damage to my eyes due to these very tacky watches.

That aside: Congratulations for existing so many years and providing so many people with things to do, things to talk about, things to rage, things to learn, things to ignore, things to get weirded out about and things to kick over. :tada:


Ahhh, I see CCP is doing it again, having players do their grunt work by submitting videos.

Anyway, it’s cool that Eve Online is celebrating 18 years of activity, not too many games can make that claim.


I’m already curious about log in rewards xd as i missed all of them except the last year one’s which were kinda poor for alphas unfortunately.

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I wouldn;t say grunt work, I’m hella pleased to have my footage in the video, our history, or legacy shall be in the video and that’s put a smile on many of us Pochveners =D

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Happy Birthday EVE :partying_face:

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