18 years of EVE and the most memorable tale first to name is a huge theft of belongings of fellow players

18 years of EVE and the most memorable tale first to name is a huge theft of belongings of fellow players, an act of stealing. This is what CCP has in mind as what makes this game great. I am rather disheartened by CCP. Thanks for staining an event that should be a shining moment in game history.


If there is something shining in a dystopian world, you can be sure someone will steal it

Don’t forget some of the video ads CCP has had, showing EVE as a dog-eat-dog place.


Why what’s wrong with it?


I’m new to this. A super rooky. Should I keep a low profile?

Always keep one hand on your wallet, your eye on the prize, your mind on the plan and your foot on the gas.


I know it is part of EVE as in real life, that does not make it something normal or good to do. I personally resent it. But my post is most of all about CCP announcing 18 years of grand tails and stories and there have been beautiful ones, the first example you give as what makes EVE great and beautiful is grand theft.

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But it is. Because that is part of EvE’s key gameplay.

Do you find it immoral if a studio awards a trophy for the Most Skillful Headshot?

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Again, I know it is part of EVE. The story must even been told, most of all to warn others. But it does not have to be the first example you give of great stories in EVE in last 18 years. What you name first has symbolic a higher value.


No it doesnt. If you read out the winners of a competition, the first one read out is not the most successful.

I mean, you do know this is just going to be a list of things CCP wants to use to promote EvE, right? So if Grand Theft in a video game appeals to customers they want, then of course its good.

EVE is a sandbox, this is a prime example of sandbox gameplay, perfect story to use imo, and its literally a line as a suggestion…dont you think youre being a little too sensitive?

In a world where everybody and his dog uses social medias to show the world how good they are and how wondeful their life is, corp theft is a breath of fresh air…


So then what is? Recounting that time that you and your high-sec mining corporation buddies high-fived each other after pulling in 1,000,000 Veldspar during a Saturday mining op? Or celebrating that one time that your pals and you went on a null-sec “roam” and killed a Hurricane?

What exactly is a story in EVE Online? I have a folder with a few videos and recordings of corporations/alliances internally cursing me out over their voice chats after I killed a bunch of their ships. You know what videos I don’t have? About me making a run to the local market hub to buy new drones.

You can’t sell a whore based on how pretty her knees look anymore. EVE has existed for almost 20 years, and its gameplay was already stale after just 1. Drama is literally this game’s main claim to fame, with some notable technical achievements playing second fiddle.


So the time that I got drunk and held virtual hands with my corp mates as we entosised an entire region in less than a week should be bumped to #1? I don’t get the argument here.

Doesn’t anybody recognize the statue of Katia Sae that is the centerpiece of this year’s birthday? All she has ever taken are screenshots.


Realistically, no one knows who you are, nor do they care about you. No one is going to invest time and effort to steal a couple of T1 Haulers and some mission running junk.

What would you want the “first example” to be then? And be the change you wish to see in the world. People celebrate it because of the amount of time, effort, and dedication that went into pulling off the heist.

You could have picked any of the major titan battles between huge nullsec blocs, but you went out of your way to cherrypick this specific instance and claim it’s the “first example.” Sounds like you’ve got some kind of an agenda you’re trying to imply.

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I would have preferred the story of @Katia_Sae personally, but then again I watched John Wick because I heard he knew how to misuse a pencil…
Strangely because I’m not into that sort of thing I loved that movie.
With Eve all I had ever heard was it was impossible to learn and that all you do is die and for some reason I had to find out for my self. Somehow I got past the first week, and I died a few times, then my first month and I had died a lot. Now I’m an addict, I still don’t understand everything and what cracks me up is everything I heard, all of it bad, was all true.
And I still love it.
You violent, evil, sneaky, vindictive maniacs!
I think the world of you, even the ones I want to kill and loot and who’s frozen corpses I want to thaw by dropping into the sun.

So… CCP is doing what now?


That last thing I posted wasn’t intended as a reply, I don’t know how that happened.
CCP might have nerfed my cognitive abilities… Or I’m just a ditz.

These are usually more entertaining. 100 titans dying…okay. Thrill of titans faded after a few fights really. We have 3, they have 8. Yep…we know how this story is gonna end. Macbeth style. And we are macbeth. At the peak of displeasure in 0.0 I looked forward more to suicide frigate roams than 1000 cap fights. Frigate roams…are way more interactive and more fun, imo.

Now stuff like Bobby and Titans 4 U trick and other thefts…that was funny and interesting. Bobby went out on a high note of the grandest order. Titans 4 U, breaking up Atlas how he did it…impressive really. He did it right. You don’t jsut burn it…you incinerate to where there is no ash even.

Its ok.

What’s “fun” and “interactive” for you, personally, often makes for incredibly boring stories.
-“Man plays EVE for 4 hours and gets a couple of kills” is not a good story.
-“Man spend months gaining the trust of fellow players and steals the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars of in-game assets” is definitely a story people would read.

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