Memorys of one Edencome Sided pilet from times of Triglavian invasion

English is not my first langrige, so sorry for typos.
I Wish remain nameless, as i not give any name out in this writing. Reason simple: i wish not create drama.
This events happened 2 year ago, human memory inperfect maybe i miss things, if dear reader find error somewhere pls comment on it to fix it.

i started play eve as invasion happened.
Joined Edencome, do battle after battle aginst trigs, learned to be logi,prober,fc. Have tons of fun.
Probably a bit burned out.
After event and betrayal plus removal accesible invasion stuff, went afk.

I started this writing after i seen fanfest 2022 on youtube.
Here CCP annuanced new story driven arc comming similar to Triglavian invasion.
After the video i visited eve uni to check out how others remember the invasion. Not so many things recorded. This point i know i have to write down my experiences before all got forgatten.

Here i write down what i experienced, what this do to me( i mean feelings), what and what and how happened, what tactics and shinigans deployed .

Where i shuld start this loong story? maybe the end? maybe the begining?
The end is unhapy, so we start the beggining.

Chapter 1
Prologe - Begginings my eve carrier during invasion

I heard EVE existence years before i started playing in 2020. Pick my intrest as online game with lot of oportunity and extrame complexiti in it.
So i started read about articles what is this “thing” how its works ect. I found intresting the inner mechanicks ect. EVE Uni. and other soruces helped a lot understand the game
without playing. When i created my first character i hope i not do evrything wrong only 60% percent or so… then realized no amount of article and reading can prepare me to what is inside.
This si aboslute positive from me, i liked it lot of new stuff to discover try out and the same time avoid getting killed by others( as i learned this common occurance :slight_smile: ).

I know from the start in this game no mater what players made, the things only made to get destroyed, the question is only when and how get destroyed.
The time i get used to basic things around trgilivain invasion final chapter is in full swing. As new pilot who started learn how to fly frigattes and capable to do T1 missions i wished to join.
Become one of the heroes who defend New eden hig sec aginst the invaders. I wanted take part of it!

With my T1 frigatte as i get enught brave i raced to the nearest invaded system and tryed fallow in-game guides to take part of the fight.
I found something called minior conduit in anomalys i jumped it and i see a large fleet killing triglavians so i joined to fray and started killing the invaders.
I dont know at this time how to request invitation to Edencome sided fleets that fight aginst invaders. Nethier i know how this Triglavians realy dangerus.
After first few conduit my luck run out i get primeryd by Triglavians and killed before i realized what going to happen.

In other games most player probably say like this:" Poor noob not knwo what is in, trying to punch above her wight and get killed. Go do missions that your level."
But this is EVE! One pilot in the 120+ man fleet started conversion to me, soon he find out my intention and started help me. Give me isk invited me to the fleet that killing traglivians.
I get a new ship a logistick ship, joined a sub grup of the fleet that contained logis only. At the time i dont know this part of fleet called O-Logi or offensive logistic.
Later episode i write more the invasion mechanics and what role what job do when and why. At this point i know nothing things like it.
I know only i need repair Edencome NPCs that get ultimatly slaugathered by other players that call them self kybernauts, flying same type of ships as invaders do.
Most of them in poratit wear strange balck amsk and clothing. I gruped up with few very big white ship, called Nestors. Fly alongside them and do repairs, fallow the kybernauts grup from site to site.
No matter how hard we tryed keep alive the npcs they get killed, but at this point soemthing important happened.
I started feel waht littile i can do its matters! As i messed up my repair cylces or run out of cap. the npc i reped died more quik, if i do all thing right npc live more.
As littile firggate logi can keep few npc live just a littile bit longer. This time the npc do damage the other players and slow them down.
Quickly understand what happening in the system: Both side kiling each other, i mean npcs (mostly…). The side that do more killing win the battle. Simple is that.
As i and others keep npc alive a bit longer others in the fleet do killing of the invaders. This way i can slow down the death of Edencoem NPCs and give more advance to my side.
We do this gods know how many hours long. I get littile shakes as i remember and write this lines. The old feelings first big fleet memorys, many many first.
Ower time we win the battle aginst the invasion this system. Feelt great i become one of the many who foguth for higsec in EDENCOME side.
During this event i to busy the realise how lucritive is this to me. I got mabye a million or three million isk not remember.
At this point of the game it is very big money for a new character! I got back 2 or 3 times of my invesments isk whise!

This all happened becuse one player in the fleet started help me, started talk to me. This and a lot of help i got in the fleet set me the way. The way that lead events effected great my time in eve.
I write down here this experiences.
I learned all of eve player extremly new player frendly, and help the fresh players a lot. This is fantastic i love it!

Chapter 2
Corp, the first big ship, big fleet experience

I not remember the corect order of things. After my first explosure to triglavian invasion or after i becoem a member of tiny littile higsec corp. This corp sided with Edencome.
Give me metric tons of help, destroyers, knowlage isk, books to start my carrier in eve. Cannot say thanks for this enught to them.
As days passed new system get invaded. This time a highsec iland system that cowered around low sec systems. I wanted to join the fleet that pulled togedher to do this fallowed ony of my corp mate advices and instructions.
Brought a very expensive Gnosis. This big boy( probably 4 times larger than my frigatte) cost a furtune of isk, equiping it coretly with t1 standard items take another fortune.
To particapte this fleet i needed at least 50% resist to all type of damage and lost of hitpoint. Dont rememebr the correct numbers.
I insured my ship as evry article suggest and loaded some ammo. Let lot of free space in my cargo.
As joined the fleet i in coms, this is my first time i meet a seasoned FC. Striking me how patient he is no matter what stupid thing i or others done.
Leatter learned most FC has same attitude, need very i mean very very patient to handle things as FC.
I remember this things as its happened few weak ago not few years ago… yes i exicited! With this big ship i go in and do real killing of triglavians!

Not rememebr the fleet size i take part of it maybe 20 or bit more ship started tha action. We safly arrived to the invaded system trought the low sec place.
Nothing bead happened. I feel no fear we are many and with many big ship, i mean crusiers and battle crusiers.

After we started doing the sites: minior conduits to precise. FC got message from outside sources: the local pirate grup blocked our exite rute! If we wish leave in one pice we need pay them isk for ree passage.
Yes this is my first tiem i get ramsomed… or at least attempted ramsom! This make as a fleet furius! We fight for evry player in new eden! The priates probably lost their livinghod if this system fall to triglavians.
Probably the pirates not understand or not care the effect of what they doing.
Lucky to us this system not contested by kybernauts so we fight aginst only npcs and not needed do killing faster than kybernauts.
Our littile fleet over time get bigger and after probably 10’is hours of cosntant site clearing we secured the system.
At the end the priates left the system and the fleet safe to exit from highsec iland XD .They probably not know this take lot of time.

This place i learned if you have cargo space in your ship fill it with ammo unless you use ammar standard weapons. We run out of ammo during our mission to save system. Lucky for us one playr in the fleet has probe scaner and found a wh that lead another highsec system.
This way we got ammo and drome supply. We losing drones non stop as running sites.
By the way this is the first time my gnosis get lost to Triglavians becuse of my mistake… failing fallow fc orders to letter then panicking leads bead things.
FC ordered us not take the secund jump but i not understand how not to take. Then panicked and emergency jumped out from the site before get takkled by triglavians.
My emegency jump lead my a place where a triglavian fleet camped…
I lost my ship and evrything in it. but i happy. I got big money from this action so i can afford buy more gnosis and some alpha injector.
Then realised i got only few isk form my insurance… Gnosis has realy bead playout from insurance.

Chapter 3
How i become a Logi pilot

I think this is the point or some fleet leatter i realised sometiems our fleet i in failed to operate becuse not enught logi pilots in it.
Triglavians do constant big damage that our ships cannot whitstand if no logi in fleet we cannot complite sites we get killed one by one simply.
As type of person if i see some one need to do a thing, to keep things rolling, i go and start do this thing. This is how i started learn logi skills.
I got realitve quick big isk as new pillot to buy alpha skill injectors, no problem this way become usefull alpha logi pilot.
My isk come from killing triglavians with my corp or with public fleets, gathering loot form wrecks, and mostly taking reward from killing triglavians compliting sites.
Ower time i get character skil to fly Minnmatar, Gallente, Callidary logi crusier, become cappble reparing both armor and siheld. Get skill for repair drones to but this take very log time and isk to archive.
One may ask why i need both siheld and armor repair ability, as Edencome sided fleets fly Shield tanked fitts?
Answer is: most biggest fleets yes shield tanked but not all, some grups that sided edencome fly armor tanked only ships and fitts.
This is less known outside… i tell more about this things latter.

getting right skills, is one thing knowing what how and when do is another. Doing right evrything as logi pilot is very important from the others point of view.
To put this into perspective: common to T1 logi cruiser Alpha pilot keep alive T1 Battle ships or T2 ships, this ships hull alone cost 10 times or more isk that T1 ship with full fitting.
The feeling as i done this… no words to tell. That pilot trusted me and other logis we do our job well. Same time we are part of the team. Intresting times :slight_smile:

This things get intresting if you play armor logi role when the repair appiled end of the repair cycle and some of the fleet member dont know how to call repair becuse first or secund time fly in fleet.
This get even better if the logi to first timer! Intresting times! Many of as quick to learn how to do this things of corse, but most thing i learn during the eve play cost me something in loss, ships or isk.
I think this is the price of learning. okay back to my history:
So you as logi need keep track of others heath and look for ones that primed by triglavians.
Other times pepapol join wrong fitted ship, let say armor fitted to shield fleet. Worst case they not tanked well for all type of demage. This cases needed extra attention from logis.
Add this some cases we need deal with gankers… of corse do this middle of the site where triglavians shooting the fleet :slight_smile:
Good old times! I love it! Not joking missing this things as writing.

The feeling as i see my fleet member get priemd and losing armor and siheld no matter what we do… then finaly keep them some how alive… its intese!
Killing npcs is common things to happen, losing players to triglavian is not. My worst nightmare to let this happen. Some times as logi i cant save others, this feel bead this times.
A player who do combat from start to end of invasion as logi pilot, probably become very skilled at this profession.
We have tons of opportunity to learn this things…

Hardest logi job probably flying ammar or calidary logis and set up cap chain, and same time do all the other logi stuff.
Those who dont know what is cap chain: calidari and ammar logis has low capacitator. This ship ment used a special way: they use energy transfer module to other logi ships, doing it they geenrate energy and fill others energy reserve.
Doing this transfer give more energy to target that use to send energy. This way all logi in chain cap stable.
All chain cap logi pilot in fleet need to know who is his chain partner and need give them energy. if its fail all the logi in the chain run out of energy soon. Chalanges this cap chain logi system evry time we jump we need re make the chain.
This mean need lock up others start giving energy after evry warp, and trust me we do lot of warp around the system. Need re organize the chain after a logi join the fleet or leave it.
Training first timers what need to be done and how need to be done, happened as we fly as fleet or during fleet form up.
Do this things as we fly with the fleet, constanty watch the fleet brodcasts and try figure out who got focused. Good times i miss it. All the chaos that some times happened.
First it is bit dificult to learn how to behave as cap chain logi after first few hour any player can be used to it. Its great fun, rewarding experience :slight_smile: Especialli getting intresting when your cap chain member forget link up and start transfer energy and fleet under mass Triglavian attack.
Bous to cap chain logis: if you find a chain partner you probably found your partner for loong time.

Chapter 4
Greatest logi memorys from invasion, first time part of PvP action

My logi carrier beggining i rember flying a Gallente logi crusier to some low sec system that get invaded by triglavian. We fly under one very experienced Faction Warfare FC.
He know how things work and what need to be done to keep fleet allive, how surive low sec.
This is happened probably my first month of eve carrier. I think i bit brave this time to. Going to low sec with fleet where most of Edencome sided pilot not go.
This time i unable to deploy repair drones only figting ones becuse of low skills. Same time i start of my logi pilot carrier so needed more field traning to get expert my profession.
All in all we go lowsec to kill some Triglavian with a good FC some 10-20 ship armor tanked this time and few brave pilot. Soem of them barly know what doing.
What can go wrong???
As dear reader can expect at this point: lot of things.
For start some of us get suspect flagged during a site clearing. I dont know why and how exactly. At the time of this event unfold and probably not changed as i write this the flag system work this:
if i get suspect flagged as logi and repair somene they get the flag to. As logi i canot repair others that flagged as suspect, if i do it i get suspect flagged.

This means if one member of fleet get suspect flagged and during the 15 min timer need get repaired… logi get suspect to and 2-10 minutes later the entire fleet get suspect flagged.
Becuse the logis spreed the goodies!

Add this i operating as DPS drone ship and repair ship at the same time. So i need target lock enemy ships order my drones to attack them and lock frendly ships to repair.
A everiemnt where if we happen fire a focus target stay alive 2-7 sec. Doing this with intense stress everiment for 6 hours or more with littile 10-15 minute stops evry 2-3 hours.
Sometimes i send my drones by accident to attack my fleat mates insted reapring them. This happen becuse i needed switch out my safety setting to yellow from green.
Maybe important mention: latter i learned the option exist assign my drones other player and my drones attack whatever target this player attack. This way i can focus only my main rolein the fleet.

This same system happened the fallowing event: Becuse we are low sec and flying crusiers, some grup started look after us. looked what we are doing here and displayed un easy intrest about us.
They fly naga and thanatos if i remember correctly… FC told us they probably long range fitted kiters that can shoot us down from 100+ km. This duble or triple our guns range.
To understand the things that unfold need understand the sites layoud we in.
imagine a large circle of minible asteroids. The center of the asteroids a conduit where the enemys spawn in wawes. the circle radius is 50km ( i mean from center of the circle to the asteroids 50km the range)
the players who go the site to 0 arrive a entry point. This entry point outside of the circle imagine a player spawn point in the left side of the circle.
This player spawn point exactly 156-165km from a asteroid the outer side of the circle. This asteroid we call “rock” mostly. our warp in point. After landing the site fc need quick target this rock and warp fleet from this rock 100km
this put the fleet where exactly needs to be edge of the circle ideal for shoting target with long range weapons, give time deploy drones, set up cap chain for logi before get attacked by triglavs.

This is our normal procedure to run sites at this time: arrivwe the site, whait fc jump as into the middle of circle. The fleet we flying using short range wepons not long ones!
After arriwal deploy drones kill npcs wawe after wawe, then pick up drones finish repair jump to next site.
Idealy done within 3-6 minutes, or less.
FC told us the other players plan attack as as we deal with the triglavians. As triglavians point our fleet members, web, paint them we are easy target to them.
So FC dicided next time we jump the site not execute the secund jump just wait in player spawn point where we landed.
We deployed our drones and waited. Normaly TRiglavians in this situation start move toward from center to the player spawn point to start fight.
This time not just triglaivan jumped in but the littile grup of players… with his long range fitted ship.
After my first PvP happened…I not remember evry details. I now as i writing this with my full bady getting shaken. I just do what i can to keep my fleet members alive and send my drones to enemy do mutch damage as possible.
We not equiped for pvp at least most of us not. So we cant point them, but the triglavians has tool for this!
AS i remember we not lost a single ship during this action. I got a message a kill mail. My first conformed player kill as LOGI!!!
Many of them lost their ships during this fight, some escaped from certin destruction.
This pvp hapened 10 secund maybe 1 minute but to me time get slowed feeled like 2-5 minutes.
After we finished this low sec system turn to edencome victoy we done some pvp the exit gate. i not remember the exact details after so many hours of grinding in system i got tyered.
WE not lost ship to them if i recall corectly. Maybe we killed some of them i remember some of them escaped.
Great memorys!

Chapter 5
How i become FC, first time
Simple, i see a new system get invaded and none started form fleet! Lot of us in in game chat and all waited someone start form fleet.
With lot of exitment i started form a fleet. First time of corse, quick others joined i puto thers to FC position in fleet as others better know where the find the rock and how operatet he fleet…
Good times! The great need made me to do this first time… latter times as i get more experienced i take the fleet some times as replacment FC as needed.
My corporation give me help improve my basic skills in fleet mengment wise. As new player to eve i acted as FC things that many more expereinced not done.
In pratice invasion fleet can operated witout real fc. This possible becuse we all know ower time what need to be done and what order. A well praticed fleet if only dealing with triglavians not need a FC inputs.
FC job in this cases just jump the fleet. maybe do some target calling. If the fleet smole sized and not ower powered compered the triglavians real FC needed who knwo what and how need to do.
Same hold true if fleet need to move trought or inside a low sec system.

I learned quickly: If i make mistakes our fleet lose ships, or worst case we lose systems.
Maybe not the best place to start learning how to FC. I loved do it, sadly some times my fleet lost ships becuse my mistakes.
This oen has great burden to me. I happy let others do leading the fleet.

Chapter 6
Home invaded
Imagine the fallowing scenario: You go work as you avarage day start. Last night you have good time in eve done some stuff as usual, made some stuff blow up. Evrything okay and normal.
Then you go home and realize that damm Triglavians invaded your home system made them Final Luminal as you working.
You basicly need evacuate all your stuff from home as during so need evade triglavian patrols and possible player attacks. Your structures probably newer be possible to unanchor and save.
This is what my corp mates faced in the end of they day.

Imagine you are the only corp meber in your corp that active the time this invasion happens, you do evrything in your powers to stop or even slow them down!
Then you see CODE with kybernaut forces active in system and whatewer you do no use. The system going to fall no matter what…
Trying save evrything from hangars corp and own included. This is what i faced. Unable to do what i hoped to do: save highsec systems from invasion, save own hoem system from this.

This last experience stay with you for a long time granted. Many eve player get this, experience including me and my corp.
Sometimes If invasion started the wrong time zone EU prime for example this time kybernauts are more stronger than Edencome.
If they predicted correctly what system may get invaded and ahed of time put ships and other suplies in stations this can adn will happened.

Remebering this make my eyes wett.Dont forget lot of player has similar experiences.
For this what happened here i not mad at kybernauts, they do what they needed to do, and done well. This is part of the game.

After this we set up new home, we continued do our things.

next chapter come in first comment, i run out of character limit


Chapter 7
Times as prober
As time passed and i started udnerstod the invasion mechanicks i see need for probers in our fleets. Some cases we have more than enught logis but not enught prober.
From player prespective some times probing down triglavian fleets more chalanging than reping ships. A prober supposed to stay with the fleet or part of the fleet and execute fleet jump on the invaders.
Idealy after landing and managing ship weapon systems to start shooting sneding droens to fight the prober start probe down next fleet.
Belive me can be fustrating to failing probe down targets and letting 30+ player in fleet waiting for you to give them something to shoot. Other fustrating thing that will happen evry one ower time:
you chose warp but not the fleet warp… then land alone middle of enemy fleet… that is a great way to experince (near) death in eve.
Probably you lose your gnosis if you fail execute quick emergency warp soem safe spot or/and your wing react to slow and help not arriwe in time.

My greatest memory as combat prober the time when i only one prober in the fleet, no replacment prober on way to us. Kybernauts doing good in the system, both side head to head in site clearing.
So probably flesh point or roaming fleet hunt dicide who win the system. One time i jumped our fleet a gigantic swarm of Triglavian ships. All type of ships here you name it they have it!
Probably somehow 2 or 3 fleet of triglavian moved same place at the same time. They got endless reinformcents wawe after wawe. Some point this engament i get primed.
My combat prober gnosis not as tanky as usual combat gnosis due fitting limitations. Our FC see i getting realy hard focused so scremed in comms: “Logis! Keep that prober alive or we all lost!”
Dear reader you can imagine… as i remebering this i get chills… The logis keept me alive. In the end we won that system.

Probing down in time the enemy is a crazy race… doing it hours after hours… huhh crazy :slight_smile: added bonus the responsibility im the one who initiate the fleet warp to the triglavian fleet.
This means i need to do the pre warp procedure:
Warn the fleet before we jump, call for allign,check for drones make sure non is out… Evry one lost countless drones, no matter how cerful we are.
After battle sometimes i go for find others lost drones, with combat probes this possible. But need a bit of traning, and good equipment.

Chapter 8
Player organized events during invasion:

First event that come to my mind is a celebration with frendly feelings.
Edencome sideed pilots get invited by kybernauts! During the invasion most of kybernauts and edencome sided pilots who active during invasion respected each other.
We feel no anger to others (or at least i know non of us feel anger toward kybernauts).
Finest representation of this feelings a fireworks. I dont remember the exact reason why happened, this is long times ago.
A celebration that kybernauts organized and suported with fire works, free ships, and frendship.
Majestic event one of the best player organized :slight_smile: makes my heart feel warm.

Other gigantic event a very very uniqe one, any player who part of this event going to remember it i 100% percent sure!
Ths event organized one of the bigest Edencome sided grup. I heard we going to execute a rescue operation from a low sec final luminal system.
More than 200 member strong fleet come togedher i belived some player or players corp stuff need to be evacuated. Ohh dear reader i totaly mistaken!
I become particioner of a Role Playing event! This event get part of the scope report by the way… but i go to far to quick…
First thing first: The feelt formed up the designated system, in coms i feel something big going to happen evrybody exicted. Going low sec with very well equiped fleet the organizers give out T2 logi ships to use this operation.
Our primary mission goal reach the invaded system with a Frighter, YES you read correct a Full sized gigantic frighter. That one that usualy get killed in jita day by day gankers.
This freighter supposed to collect survivors of the local planet and evacute them to other safe system.
This action allone a big deal, moving with a fleet to a invaded final luminal system no joke. All gate get camped with gunturrets, and tons of very strong enemys. Uppon attack this triglavians call reinforcments and tons of wandering fleet in system
that randomly wander aroun and can show up any moment as bonus.
Add to this we need keep alive the frighter. Do this all in low sec where any moment some wandering gang can ambush as. Now this is a intresting mission :slight_smile:
Witout any big truble we reached the target system, managed brake a part the gate camp and destroy the guns around the gate.
After this happened we bring in the frighter, prepared to destroy all defense installation around the target station where we supposed to collect all refuges.
This point something happened that i never going forget. A few player show up in the system, others know this players as players that cyno in drednots to tear apart fleet like us just for fun.
At this point one capsulier who had ccp in name and non standard chet color showed up in local and made clear this players: they need this system now, they interference of this RP event unvelcome.
At this moment we realized some of CCP employe spying on us. Propably on coms with us, probably flying with us, playing with us!
After this some RP event take place i cant recal in details, i know this shame. After this shock we managed secure the station that hold the refuges.
Station it self guarded by multiple gunturret, and tons of enemys. The freighter doced in and slowly loaded the refuges. YES The cargo hold of the transport get started filled. During this time we guarded the station aginst the triglavian.
After transfer complite, Freighter undoced and started align to entry gate, our exit point. This moment all hell get lose. The space around as get full of red ikons, Space literaly turned red. 300+ npc swamred us.
Somehow we managed to keep transport alive as they aligned to right direction and executed with us the jump to gate. I dont know how we managed pull this up, that fight is insane.
Then we left this cursed system and escorted to highsec safety to the transport.
This was… amazing experience!

Chapter 9
About Invasion mechanicks, and players who done the fighting

Okay this time i go technical i wish record how i remember invasion happened this help you dear reader understand latter chapters.

About players relation in and out of the game:
Please keep in mind we have great repsect to Triglavian sided pilots as they respected Edencome pilots. I feel great respect toward them today as old days.
Seeing them not as enemy, they are players like us just joined different side, but we play all togedher.
Outside of game we mostly frendly to others, in game not so. Many players from both sides non stop looked for opportunity to make others explode.
Even one case we have a celebration in game where both sides present and have fire works, other then that no shoot fired!

About Triglavian sided pilots:
All the Triglavian sided pilots named as the kybernauts.
The Kybernauts has one big frame organization to best of my knowlage and within sub grups, maybe own fittings. i know littile about this.
They wery well organized, they has kybernaut corps and at least one alliance, dedicated kybernaut structures for own support.
Known to edencome side: Kybernauts as whole grup has an elite pvp/pve fighter grup of players. This grup fitted with very costly fitted ships for pvp/pve role. This grup mostly deployed in low sec everiment in critical aka luminal canditate invaded system.
Best of my knowlage this elite force has outclassed any large edencome sided combat formation that in common usage.They represented the hard hitting force of kybernauts.
i dont know exact fittings, but that ships made for pvp and capble whitstand massive Edencome rats fire at the same time.
Many Kybernauts used triglavian ships, that ships at the time considered new type of ships and very effective. Most of their ships can deal damage and same time repair others. Especialy big ones.
A well organized trilagavian ship based fleet not need specialized logi. They can do they self the repair as same time keep up good fire power.
Kybernauts are big disadvantages: they are lot fewer in numbers. They fight aginst the avarage highsec players many of them maybe never left highsec.
Few occosion they can deploy o-logi fleet but it is rare considered what Edencome sided pilots most times deployed o-logis.
To owercome numbers difference they used qualiti of fitting, ships, organization.
Kybernauts goal turn final luminal many of the high sec system as possible at the first times. Lter this changed to turn final luminal 27 system.
We know the color of system sun has important role that system can or canot be go final luminal.
They get supported by CODE, in high sec they ganked the edencome sided high priced ships. Other cases they went after our O-Logi ships. Kybernaut sided gankers in highsec alway expected to show up.
Triglavian sided pilots in avarage more willing to do pvp and more capble of that than edencome side this is a big advantage to them. As before a system become final luminal the system security status droped 0.0 or below.
One case known they get big support from null sec, niajra.

About Edencome sided pilots:
Compered to Kybernauts, Edencome sided pilots has one big grup, and few smaller grup.That player grups independently or with minimal communication with others are acted aginst the invaders and kybernauts.
Edencoem sided pilots outnumbered the kybernauts but lesso rganized as one can see.
We have no allinaces only few edencome focused corps. Mostly existing corps worked togedher towards our common goal: defend high sec and low sec aginst the invasion.
Inside the edencome side relations some times lets call complicated.
Fittings in use are come all spectrum of the pallete. All grups may used different fittings maybe copied each other. Some debate about siheld or armor based fitting better.
Owerall the biggest grup stayed siheld based cheap fittings most of the time. This is becuse this way lot of high sec capsuler can joined our rank, easyer replace lost ships.
Even a few weak old fresh new player can part of our fleets. This allowed the biggest grup run Ship Replacment program to cover our losses. The fouding for replacment mainly come from salvage of killed triglavians.
Ower time someone invented the naga long range sniper triglavian killer fitt. This one out run the invaders ships and kill them from long range.
One Naga snipers pilot can win alone a non contested system to us. This happeend many tiems in low sec non luminal candidate systems.
I have no knowlage nagas PvP abilitys probably outranged and out runned the kybernaut ships.
Minior Edencome Sided grups/communitis has own fittings many used armored ones instead shield fittings. I have no exact information about fittings in use.
Common pratice if we more than enught logis formed O-Logi subbgrups of our fleets to distrupt kybernauts in their site running.
In pratice to fight aginst triglavians player needed at least crusier sided ship, with 50-60% resitance to all type of damage ability to fire targets at 2-45km. Some cases even more range.
Ship need cap stable at the minimum and ready to withstand some neuting. If a ship meet this requierment and a fleet 4-6 of this with 2-3 logi at minimum can try run minior conduit sites.
Ideal if combat ships equiped web,paint,combat drones.
Edencome has lot of pillots in highsec systems, and lot of sub grups.Common goal among us to protect highsec and low sec systems keep as they are.
Edencome pilots joined this grups for many reasons: some wished take part the event, some lost home system and take up arms, many eished preserve the higsec and way of life.
Faction warfare militias supported Edencome sided pilots many cases, i dont know how many of them joined to us to protect high and low sec.
Some grup that has knowlage and experience how to do pvp joined edencome to, this grup/grups do most of the pvp activits aginst kybernauts and their assets.
I have no knowlage any major grup or organization that do ganking attacks aginst kybernauts in high sec.
Best of my knowlage Edencome side not get support from null sec or at least i not see any signs of that.

Lets look the enemy the Triglavians and Edencome rats.
I know only about Triglavians, littile information in my memory about Edencome sided rats. i not fought aginst them but i fighted with them as O-Logi.
So Edencome sided rats: they tend to die quickly. Most easy to kill the caldari ones. They needed siheld and armor rep. Probably most easy keep alive the amar ones.
Minnamtar rats prove to difficult to kill for kybernauts, as they prefered use missiles and minnmatar ships tend to be quick. Gallenete rats ar somewhere middle.
As you can see calidary is the weak link in the chain and now check some invasion mapp one can see most empire system lost from calidary.
About Triglavians: They are armor tanked, deployed all type of e-war, but non of them used jumming. So yes you can pointed, painted, neuted, webbed the same time.
All of triglavian ship tend to move very fast.Yes this type of rats know how to use afterburners. They ships for the ful spectrum from frigatte to battleships.

In fight both type of rats try immitate what players do in pvp fleet fight. They shoot focus, they usualy anchored a leader and fallowed them.
Change target based on dps the possible targets deal, most dps dealing ship primed most of the time.
They wandered/warped around in the system outside of combat sites, moved beatwen calestials, safe spots, gates, structures.
Sometimes two npc fleet with other side meet each other randomly as they patroled this case fight broke out and we can help win this battle.
If a wandering fleet get attacked they called for support so other fleets from in system may joined or new response fleet spawned.
Sometimes 2 wandering fleet from same side chose to chill same place this lead intresting things to happen.
Important to add this too:
If you high standing with let say edencome, the edencome rats going rep you, and help you in fight. This is true for both sides.

about the combat sites:
i remember 3 important site, maybe more but i not part of the most dangerus type of sites sadly :frowning:
first type the easyest one: Minior conduit. the asteriod belted one i told in my logistick memorys not repet my self here.
Secund type the major conduit: same as minor conduit but spawns 2times or more dangerus rats
Third and final type is a flashpoint: this one very special. at first as they spawn inside 2 jump brige in it. one for kybernauts one for Edencoem sided pilots.
One need to be destroyed. So if a fleet move here and kil the other side jump brige they take advantage.
Important to note: any tiem limited number of sites and wandering rats on system., so the tagets for killing in numbers always limited.

Ower the invasion lot of change made by ccp about blancing out the sites, changing ship numbers, maybe some behavior change done to. I not rember evrything.
I know lot of change happened ower time. I write down the section about beatrayal soem of this changes effect and reason why they needed.

Okay so ad this thing upp to see the big picture:
one system get invaded.
Buth Edencome and Triglavian spawn lot of npc, this npcs start wander around the system randomly fight each other.
New Sites spawn. and system get a new advance mater that starts 50%
this one is a important one! This one refreshed evry x minutes and based on what side done more killing and compliting sites in system.
Major conduit and flash point has great effect to this.
if the counter reached 0 then triglavian win the first round if reached 100% the edencome win the round.
If the system is Final Luminality candidate they has a secund round. This time some rules changed not remember exectly what rules.
Most improtant one: if triglavian win the system become low sec. from this state can be turned back to high sec if edencome side do the hard lifting.
But most cases if first round won by ethier side they win fully.
if non candidate system and first round won this put end the invasion here and system become minor victory system.
the fight for a system can be lasted from 4 hour to 24+hours. not kidding more than 24hours fighting in system, this done by replacing fcs and fleet members as active time zones changed.
some limit put how long invasion victory can be archived probably 72 hours or somethign similar i not remember. after this system become as original and both sides retrited from system.
best of my knowlage this happened only once in luminal candidate system… i tell this more in nullsec inventions chapter.

Chapter 10
Tacticks and how-to things in invaded system:
Form up for fleet usualy done a station linked to the invaded system. From here we doced out and gone same as one to inside.
This need to be done becuse no way knowing triglavian camping or not camping the entry gate. the fleet needed to capble kill the rats that camping on the gate, and kill the reinforcments that come in.
If you barve and feel lucky can go trought the gate and jump away but it is risky. if get target locked you get pointed to… with high resist maybe you can survive long enught to jump back where you come.
Other option call help from active frendly fleet. and prey they not in middle of engagment and arrive in time.

After entering system normaly a fleet split to part or stay as one. if a fleet large and powerfull enught can split in theory 3 part.
one part going to do the conduits. Secund parts going to hunt down wandering triglavians. Final part go edencome sites and start repairing the edencome rats as this rats under fire from kybernauts.
This not need be done this way some cases for separate type of mission separate fleet created. Some cases separate player grups done separate things, or separate fleets and grups do same things.
As dear reader can see some times this is full chaos. XD
Add to this: the resident of system may not brothered at all the invasion, miners keept going to mine, haulers keept tryingto travel trought the system. Some cases this is not a good idea… Freighters are slow to turn around.
okay so we in system we on site, fc warp us to 100km from the rock we do the killing then we get paid by system as we complited the site.
Then the fleet salvagers come in to salvage. and same time, ninja salvagers come in to steal salvage and loot.triglavians drop high value items salvage is high value too.
Then we go next site.

The fleet hunter fleets same times using d-scan if they not have prober or a dedicated prober to find and jump on the enemy fleet. Some times this not end well, the trigalavian fleets that wandering more powerfull than the sites.
In this case the wandering part of fleet request help from side runners or O-logi to keep self alive.
This is why most cases we split to our forces but keep same fleet. More easy to jump in.
As fleet hunters landed on grid the prober needed to lacte next fleet before all triglavians and reinforments get killed. Remeber we fight not only aginst triglavians but aginst kybernauts to.
Kybernauts do their job of killing to as we do. This race aginst time.more quick you are more point your team get.

Part of the game the gankers. They always presented danger to us. This is understandble by the way. We are slowing down the progres… if they kill most vanuble juicy 100+mill isk woth of ship in our fleet that one that make lot of killing… we get a disadvantage.
Code time to time show up they catalyst fleet to kill some one. Ower time we invented a procedure to handle this. i not going write down, mabye i part of active eve players agin and need this knowlage.
So idealy one of us has one alt to watch the station where code emmber resided as they waited the right moment to strike, or their count downs reach zero.

AS we do our thing inside the invded system we started organize the replacmentss for our critical fleet parts. FC, Logi, Prober (if hunter fleet in use) all critical to keep fleet working.
Some times we need bring suplies to invaded system to resuply our ships in middle of combat becuse we run out of ammo.
As we humans and live our lifes not all of us can stay with 10+ hours in fleet and do the fight.

This is how we and probably kybernauts operated during the invasion in high sec system. In low sec systems a bit different how things played out if kybernauts contested the system.
I have no expereince of this matter, i only part fleets that done non contested low sec system invasion fights. Usualy this done same as here just add some scout to entry gates.
Intrestingly locals usualy happy about us, many of them helped us clean the triglavians out.
Important to note: Who won the first round inside the Final Luminal canditate systems most times won the secund one. For this reason Both side focused win the first round.

I wish express: above i written down how we handled inside the invaded system things. To see full picture i need to say: most cases more than one system get invaded the same time!
This means we need organize all this things you read above for mutliple system. Same time need dicide what system we not going to defend and what cannot be defended.
Can happeend if you finished defend one system, you needed to go the another one that can be 40+jump away. Then start the whole procedure agin. Good times :slight_smile: Yes i crazy folk that liked to do this.

Aftermath of invasion victory in a system:
System permanently changed something other than before.
Luminal canditate systems become edencome fortresses, or final luminal systems that now part of potchoven.
other system becoem minor victory systems.

Both cases in theory all gate get gate camped and guarded by some new gunturets that do insane damage. Atacking this gunsystem cause response fleet spawn. To make things more intresting evry gun will tigger new response fleet.
edencome/triglavian rats vandering inside the system, and some conuit sites spawn.
the invaded systems becoem dangerus to evry one who not sided with triglavians if system is a minior victory.
If system become final luminal its dangerus to evryone enter becuse system now has 0.0 security status, and especialy dangerus ones that no good standing with triglavians.
edencome victory systems dangerus to kybernauts only, or players that negative standing with edencome.
in general, most cases entering invaded system with not good standings can be death wish if your ship not capable very quick warp from entry gate.

Chapter 11
The “intresting” player solutions that in use during the invasion a.k.a Shinigans

Dear reader you probably has some idea, we eve players time to time come up with intresting ideas and uses the tools we get hands on.
This chapter for this solutions and intresting use of things.

About standing shinigans:
in the start if a pilot killed one edencome rat or two they get neutral standing to triglavians AND edencome. Many used this to avoid interaction with invasion.
Let say you are a hauler i high sec you not wish take part of this invasion thing you wish only haul your goods. Most miners do the same as other players who not intrested this things.
If you not do this by default you enemy to triglavians and neutral to edencome.

About outside of invaded system things:
First of all you need reach the system that get invaded right? unless your home systemget invaded this case you have no problem to reach you have other problems… great ones.
Movign around high sec for most players not a big problem at least begining of the invasion. More edencome victory system exist in the high sec than triglavian.
This is important becuse kybernauts need go trought edencome victory system some cases, and this lead our first shinigans.
if you happen to attack soem edencome ship in a system at the gate they spawn a response fleet and kill you. then stay around and chill until some kybernauts arrive as they on the way for invasion site.
They maybe fly with 100+ million isk worth ship. They not going to leave the system if a gate camped 150+ rat and all focus fire one at the same time.
Sadly most edencoem system not has gunstar installed becuse some bug. so kybernauts most cases has safe passage trought edencome victory system.

About Inside the invaded system shinigans:
Okey let say you arrive the invaded system in one pice and fleet up. Survive the entry of the system. this is very the fun start!
You probably get ganked if you fly a shine ships. as usual in high sec by the way. If you aprt of a fleet and go a conduit site… intresting things can happen.
Kybernauts most cases fly high damge big ships as i said before. they thend to jump middile of the conduit site.
lot of slow alliging ship in close space close togedher. i dont know who invented this first… you know praxis is considered a cheap battle ship very aggile and… can fitt battleship sized smart bombs.
Can be very tanky many say and can be used many porpuses… like smart bomb gangink in higsec grup of kybernauts on edencome rat site.

other intresting things: the conduits has asteroid belt in it, this asteroids can be mined and as turned out this sites are made very specia lateriods.
so happened sme tiems as we fought aginst invaders some miners pick up the ventures and started mining. If i rememebr corectly latter this patched out.

ninja salvaging is part of the eve i think from day one. dealing with ninja salvagers part to… during this invasion not the CODE the only one who done ganking…

Assume a kybernaut pilot point of view for a moment! Let say you are in your edencome post and killing that edencome ships. and you notice some new players show up and start repping the npc you try killing.
they slowing you down, making you harder to kill that edencome rats! Even if you not tanked well enught maybe they make you lose your ship becuse you not kill in time the rats. yes yes the o-logi in action.
What you can do? Call for high sec gankers, like CODE and lead them to kill o-logis!
i part of the o-logi wing lot of times. CODE definitly can and will solve the kybernauts o-logi problem if we not cerefull.
the worst part for kybernauts o-logi get share the isk play out as present player. This means o-logi not only make harder to complite the site but steal some of isk playout from kybernauts!
Good old times…

you know if you go a combat site and stay on arriwal point, do nothing the local rats go after you. they have some long range weponory and all of them know how to use a prop mod.
But oen can make a special ship that easy outrun 24/7 all the ruts and pull them out of the site. let say 120+km away from player entry point.
then the fleet that try kill quick all the rats canot do their job becuse some one draged away the rats that tigger next wawe spawn.
If the fleet has no combat prober… fleet has big problems. They need give up the site or chase after the rats. Evry system has limited number of sites and new one only spawn after old one complited.
This way other side advance can be blocked for minutes or more.

going operation flehspoint on first oportunity and destroy their jump brige then leave is a common occurance.
this way if we not complite the site we hinder they advance a great deal.

if you rich enught and know how to do it, who sad you cannot anchor a littile upwell structure in the invaded system? and fitt with weponory that can kill lot of rats around it?
this way entire fleets of rats can be killed by one player in quick motion.
added bonus you not need to go after the enemy their going to you as they alway warp time to time the structures :slight_smile:
I can imagine other bonus to this after all triglavian destroyed, one can undock with a salvager salvage evrything dock back. latter can trasnsfer the loot out of the system.

Ower time some of players use their data analytic abilitys. We players learned quick the importance of the color of the sun. Some players went more deep predicted what system might get invaded, and based on patern of the past predicted when going to happen.
Based on this findings other players can prepared some suprise in the potencial invaded systems before the invasion happened and hauling stuf get realy difficult.
i aware one occurence where kybernauts stuffed lot off catalyst and probably other ships in system that letter get invaded. this way their gankers only needed move a capsule here and made easy shipping for ganking.

One of big invention in Edencome side the extrame long range sniper fitt like naga fitted for 250+km firing. This one used in great effect low sec minior victory invasion systems.
Many of this system uncontested one player can turn them to victory system if has enught patiance and a good naga, and tons of ammo.
The naga needed to able keep long range to triglavians and able kill them before they come to close or warp away in time.

so as dear reader can see lot of littile shinigans things done and around this invasion.lot of them unforseen for devlopers.

Chapter 12
Nullsec inventions

Okay this section bit juice. First and foremost: i sit in the end of food chain or close to end. I not get any insider information about what and how leaders dicided.
I just a simple grunt who do what need to be done, some times doing FC job if no dedicated FC avible. Evrything i write here down come from my perspective, and what i figured out by my self.
All the cases i go after facts.

I know 2 cases of nullsec invention.
First one come to my mind is Niajara. This well known. Null blocks decided cut the trade rute.
At least this is a common knowlage version.

My version a bit different…
What i saw/heard is this:
First Null big block A annuanced openly they come to help Edencome Side to defend Niajara aginst Triglavians.
They not show up in my best knowlage organized big form. only inviduals come i have no idea how many.

Then reaction to Big Nullblock A annuancment they enemy lets name it block B joined the Triglavian side and this block sent big organized force.
That force crassed Edencome side on the field. What happened in niajara to me unpresedented. WE got Time Dialation, this how insane the killing here.
Not only NPCs get killed CODE very active here and ganked lot of the fleet.O-Logi operations are immposible becuse the site runner fleets put so owerhelming fire power before we can lock on and land repair on NPCs they are dead.
Best case one cycle can be done.
In this battle kybernauts has no number disadvantage, and better qulity ships. This and i think many other factors i not know effected the outcome.
After system become final luminal Big Null Block B left the system and intrestingly Big Null Block A started 24/7 gate camp.

What i understod this at this times: Block A give reason Block B to come here and turn the system to final luminal.
Basicly Block A used Block B to do the dirty job. Maybe i wrong, dont know, not part of 0.0 politics.
All in all this probably NOT effected the Null blocks becuse as others told me the null blocks use jump frighters so losing a trade rute not a big deal to them.
Maybe true maybe not, i know we suffered from this a lot becuse after this fall… one need do 45 system jump to reach ammar region if invasion occurs here.

Secund invention a intresting one:
A Big Null block one of the very important low sec system get invaded by triglavians. This one if i rember coretly a minior victory system. Not a big deal.
Important to know any side win the system become cyno jammed. This is bead for null block becuse their jump fighter use this system as a stoping point.
Basicly a bus stop, from here they move toward jita. So Edencome victory ruin the jumpfighter lane to highsec.
WE told not enter the system and do our job aginst the inveders if we try we get blown up by null sec corp members or merconeris they tasked to protect the TRiglavian and edencome rats.
They made sure this system not fall any side and waited to system get draw.

After this 2 invention i realy not like any null block no matter how tiny or big. i think any one can understand why.
All in all they can do lot of harm to lot of player and i or many other high sec player cannot do aginst anything in most cases.
They probably do it to protect their intrest.

Chapter 13
The Betrayal

Ohh yes this is a sad part.
I wish wirte down how we got betrayed by ccp.

yep the dev promised as lot of things like:
-your dicision what side you chose matter
-latter the standing has importance
-after the invasion is ower edencome can do his own things
-edencome get a special ship edencome ship that good aginst triglavians. do AOE damage

Let see what is the problem here!
so let start the easy ones:
triglavian side and edencome side got their own ships
sadly the time of the invasion edencome special ship cost a lot of isk, and extramley innefective compered other ships in use.
Most Edencome sided grup i know, basicly banned this ships from publick fleets becuse they gank magnets in highsec and no mutch use here as AOE damage danger to other fleet members.
in other hand the triglavians ships are good! very very usefull in invasion and out of invasion.

kybernauts promised they get new land as they get one. potchoven but this turned out in the start a empty space.
i dont know ower time its filled up or not and how good for them. after the invasion first month not mutch happened here best of my knowlage.
Edencome side get nothing. NO new mission, no new quests or other stuff nothing! We wished interact with triglavians needed look for Worm holes that lead their system and fight highsec side or inside potchowen.

Standing and our dicision what side we chose mattered nothing, in fact turned out it is a disadvantage!
If you get high edencome stendings what you get: edencome npcs will help you, repair you and join jo in combat
but your triglavian standing get big negativ standing.
With high Triglavian stending you get: acces potchowen NPC stations, the triglavian gate network, plus you get usual npc will help you stuff
Add to this the fact: as invasion ended both side standing incrased if you go to kill Rifters/ruge drones. So in the end standing mattered nothing only made edencome sided pilots life harder!
This means: if i joined to edencome then i wish do PVP or do anthing meaningless in potchoven i need high Triglavian standing to make use local stations, gates.

The calidari Edencoem NPC’s are weak. By bug or by other means i not remeber, probably the calidari jamming ships are bugged and not worked as intended.
I know for sure calidari Edencome ships quick to dye to kybernauts. If a calidary system get invaded, same time as let say a amar or minnmatar. Edencoem side probably go to ammar or minmatar mostly.
Becuse we know here we has real chance to defend a system. Defending a calidary system very hard. Becuse of this differences.

Many belive and probably right: Comming closer and closer the invasion event end lot of system get invaded in same time.
More then Edencome sided forces can be hoped to defend at once! Add to this lot of this systems are final luminal candidate.
To us no real way to stop kybernauts conquer 27 final luminal candidate system no matter what and how we do.

Finaly they removed the existing contenent: the minior victory system used to be has sites in it that can be run as during invasion.
Inside npcs can be defeated our usual crusier based fleets.Last time has no sites and npc get buffed up so hard with usual crusier fleets we have no hope to make anny succses here.

Broken NPC Mechanicks During invasion: Usualy any system that fall to any side has gate guns. At least this is the plan. Sadly due a bug edencoem system not get the guns.
Only triglavian victory systems. The difference gn or no gun is this: no gun = you can try your luck even defeat a gate camper fleet if you fly a strong battle ship.
Gun on gate = you dead if not jump out in time, or you need part of a combat fleet not alone
this give kybernauts a big help to aproch invaded systems. that can be accesed trought a Edencome victory system.

Evry one who part of the invasion and reached some level of standing got clothing reward. The standing incrased if soemhow one aggresed a target that killed.
A logi who done all the reapir get no standing incrase. A prober who may or may not do lot direct attack during combat not get a lot of standing incrase.
A O-logi has no chance to get standing incrase.
This roles all of them very important to win a system whitout this not possible or very hard.

Add to salt to injury: most dedicated players (The hard core) who do the heavy lifting in the fileld, played this roles! Reason for this simple: most others wish make things explode, keeping others alive not mutch fun and harder some times.
This means the players that do the most to our cause, in best case get medium level reward or lower.
The time ccp annuanced this rewarding system both kybernaut and Edencome side started special standing incrase runs. This fleets goal to incrase standing of the fleet members
During varius activitis i not part of this fleet so i have no knowlage how this done.
To compansate lack of reward to us edencome sided players some one come with a great idea: make a special medalion to any one who take part fight aginst invasion.
We Edencome sided players made possible any one even ones that outside any player corp get this medalion. I more happy for this meddalion, than clothing reward i get.

dear reader i think you can imagine how furius we are.

Chapter 14
Our ultimate failure aginst invasion maybe decided by disign of invasion event from the start.I dont know, but i know: we players has own effect what system get saved or fallen to triglavians hand.

During the invasion i get the some of my greatest gamming experiences, if not the Greatest of all time! I absolutly loved do this!
We Edencome sided players left nothing that we can do, what we used to do. Ower time players find other things to do or tryed engage after invasion things.
Many started expeditions to explore potchoven and the mechanics inside, find way in it, do pvp here and continue fight aginst invaders and their supporters.
I know some grups started help defend systems agins triglavian incursions if in system a potchoven worm hole spawned. For few times this can be intresting but no where close what we done and lived during the invasion.

During invasion i made myself part player grups, done things i cannot imagined ever able to do. After offical invasion officaly ended i tryed to continue what i used to do…
killing triglavians with my gnosis part of a littile fleet, keeőping others one pice with logi, or probing down trigs in system… The changes at that time made this not possible to me.
After few month the invasion ended, my eve carier ended to. Eve feel empty to me after what i went trought. Nothing come close to it!

Dear reader thank you for your time!
This is my story i wished to tell. I hope it help new players.

Fly safe!

Side notes:
Writing my memorys down take longer than expected, and far bigger writing. Write this all down take me a weak.
During writing i re lived in memory this great events, i not kidding i got some littile shakes. Damm i missing this stuff!

If any wish to add something to my story is good, maybe one Kybernaut sit down and write their side memorys be great!


Very nice. Yes it was long (and I haven’t read it all yet) but TY for posting it.

I’ve only read the first one so far but it sounds like you got to experience a lot of the best aspects of EVE in that event. I personally thought the Triglavian event was well done (overall) and specifically because of the way it was supposed to allow “players to make a difference”.

(Yes that turned out to be a lie because end result was scripted and the playing field was rigged, and I assume that’s where your “not so happy ending” will end up.)

But the shakes, the help from others, the feeling of being part of something larger and more meaningful, the “learning as you go” and your willingness to dive in there as a new player - that’s all the stuff that caused many players to love and commit to the game over the years.

The Invasion was what I considered to be the first real effort at doing something significant for EVE from CCP in way too many years. It had a lot of good aspects and could have turned out very well for the game. And while Abyssals and Pochven and Triglavian NPCs and ships all have their issues I think they’re still a good addition to the game.

Anyways, thanks for the story and hopefully you’ll find something equally interesting to tackle next!

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Not sure it was an all out lie, I was at Niarja at its fall , it was swinging all day and if memory serve me right , it was a goon fleet that tipped the balance in the end .

So they did have a plan how they wanted it but we could have saved Niarja I’m sure. Just like Minmatar players saved so many more systems than other areas

Let’s hope the new events live up to expectations

You can still do the stuff with EDENCOM. There is alliance, they have discord and there is channel in game called “EDI Public” and public fleets are sometimes organized. There is also “Hateless gaming” channel in game that organizes anti triglavian fleets every few days.

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Also… I have an alliance called Eden Commies and it is great fun when EdenCommies comes for your structure.

Not sure I understand your comment, is that what the 3 of you do or going to go after someone’s structure.


I’m reading this in sections so may end up with several different replies.

I particularly enjoyed your part 4 with the “Learning to Logi” stuff. That’s pretty close to the best type of experience EVE has to deliver, IMO.

It’s a shame EVE doesn’t have content that could cause this sort of interaction on a more regular basis. Incursions are a bit too formalized and grindy although can have some of that feel.

I’ve been disappointed that CCP hasn’t done better with the Resource Wars mechanic which could be an excellent tool to design this sort of small-gang size, moderately organized fleet action around. FW has some potential for that as well, another area that’s been left to languish.

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Thank you for your nice words :slight_smile:

Unhappy ending, has reasons, the final chapter contains all the information about.

To write all of this down take me one weak free time.

I plan stay for a weak or two active then go afk agin.
Used this character to see whats changed around, form last time.

I wish to say lot! Most of the thing i seen so far made better than last time i here.
So one good point to ccp.
New player tutorial far better than last one, the skill plans good :slight_smile:

about niajara i suggest read chapter 12
here i mention it from my point of view.

Probably ccp only dicided what number of system going to fall tryglavians, not what systems going to fall exactly. We saved lot of systems but to more to save in the finale at the same time. Mission inpossible with our manpower, and tools at hand

Ammar FW pilots and player gurps done lot to help edencome sided grups to save systems.
More detail in chapter 10 about player grups that involved mainly in the invasion event.
plase dont forget probably i not made contact all of the grups. so amybe grups that i not aware and helped our side or kybernauts.

this is what i hope.i thinking returning hard if they pull it off agin.
same as the trig invasion i think lot of us veterans who take part the invasion happy to come back!
But the same time… i thinking what going to preverent ccp do the same mistakes agin?

Thank you for this vanuble inforamtions!
Good to know EDI chanel alive :slight_smile:

I know nothing the changes ccp made to trigs. in my time during invasion a day 1 player can particapate the events and do things if soem one put the player right direction.
Namely: t1 logi frigatte can joined to conduit runner fleet. or o-logi fleet as i done.

my question is: how mutch specialized equipment needed to particpate?

ohh i not expected this type of teams in the working after so long.

i not suprised.
probably less known: kybernauts has own corps even aliances, some of them own structures to.

soem of edencome sided pilots who love do pvp even in high sec go after this structures.
their plan to make kybernauts live harder. i dont know exact porpuse of this structures, i think maybe used as base for operations.

yes that one is great one, another great one can be found in chapter 8
player organized events

that one contain not evryday suprises :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

this is the part of reasons why i went afk.
you can read in epiloge.

i found nothing that close to invasion, and what happened during that.
evry time we get into the invaded system we needed full allert becuse kybernaut sided gankers presented a real danger.
other thing is if a low sec system get invaded that luminal candidate… that was full on pvp i think.
sadly kybernauts has tons of experience in this field, and mostly in my experience better equipent.

in fw best of my knowlage no matter what side win a system ower time can be re captured.
best of my knwoalge nothing come to close to invasion event. sadly :frowning:

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