EVE Online 2024 - Directors Letter

I really don’t understand why CCP doesn’t open comment topics for such important announcements/outlooks.

In 2024 we will expand the scope and impact of Corporation Projects with exciting improvements such as enabling corporations to create freelance tasks for non-members,

Formal player missions are finally on the way. Yay.


Both expansions dedicated to Null, yay. Sarcasm


I mean, low sec got a boatload of action in the last 2 expansions. High sec got its fair share as well with Home Fronts.

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Multiboxer-optimized content isn’t really a “fair share” imho. I mean, I like the idea, but holy moly it still needs tweaking ^^.


No doubt about that.

Honestly, it looks like full steam ahead for CCP. Cheers to 2024

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Yay, more null content…

I wonder if they plan on giving the players the ability to create pve dungeon sites eventually. Personally, I’d prefer a procedural generator, but giving that power to players might be an interesting alternative.

For sure. It could be really good.

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I highly doubt that will ever happen as players would just abuse it to maximize ISK per hour. A ball of 20 1,280,000 bounty battleships that can be farmed over and over, I can see it now.

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I think what would have to happen, is players would create dungeon sites, and they’d enter a rotation for certain agents or anoms / sigs if they met the qualifications.

Or players could design a dungeon to defend some asset, guarded by merc npcs that don’t give bounties.

Otherwise yeah, people would just have a single high value bs spawn and then trigger another spawn of the same bs when it died, continually. You’d be able to kill them with glass cannon fits.

What I could see CCP potentially doing is giving players access to mission authoring tools. The players would create the mission and write the briefing, then they would submit it to CCP for approval and touchups.

CCP might then make a few balance tweaks, make sure it didn’t violate any established lore, and added it to the mission rotation. With this method, any stupid farming missions would never get through and as creative as the player base is, we might get some pretty interesting missions.

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The Creative Director of EVE Online called himself Burger. Thats the name he came up with. You can also tell he spends most his energy on this letter, i mean he wants it to sound cool and fresh instead of just sharing some information. He or she has the mentality of a university student. Dont put those in creative positions please :slight_smile:

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CCP Burger is fine. I’m not sure how long he’s been in the chair, but the game has been going in the right direction for the past few expansions (and the fact that server numbers are up suggests empirically that many others agree.)

Uh oh here we go again. Time to sit down and watch the forest fire. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :fire: :popcorn:


Probably a bit too soon for that. Wait until the fw mechanics roll out to sov.

I was referring to the fact that this topic of login numbers is a source of constant debate on the forums… and is one of the Never Ending Stories around here along with “cloaky camping” (yes even after the introduction of Mobile Observatories), “nerf (or even remove) ganking (or boost it)”, whether “hi-sec should be 100% safe”, “remove or restrict vs expand Alpha clone state (and its features)”, and so on.


It is not exactly a surprise at this point. With Uprising and Havoc releases, on multiple Twitch streams at this point CCP Burger and CCP Rattati [sic?] have repeatedly said they want to take their lessons from those expansions and do something to Nullsec. If it wasn’t this year it’d be next year.

Depending who you talk to, null folks hate Fozziesov, or begrudgingly accept Fozziesov (because Dominion changes weren’t exactly loved if the person you’re talking to has that long of experience, depending on whose memory you’re probing), but either way I’ve yet to bump into anyone genuinely pleased with Fozziesov. So if the sov mechanic changes this year with the latest lessons from Uprising and Havoc I would not be surprised — and despite having zero stake in nullsec (and generally not interested in it) I can recognize some dev time applied there would probably be healthy for the game: Changes to one security class of space tends to have wide reaching effects everywhere in New Eden.

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I don’t mind null getting expansions and new content, what I don’t think is great is that they get two focused expansions back to back. So everyone else not involved in Null can go screw off for the next year.

When is the last time wormhole’s got any love? Is anything ever gonna happen with Pochven? They ever gonna make high sec wars mean something again?


Eahhh Star Trek Online discontinued their mission editor some years ago. Said it was too much trouble to maintain :joy:

Yes, I sure would love CCP to do trig vs EDI stuff again. I hate how they just shelved the entire thing. Only people who to go pochven are RPers and boxers who want to make mad ISK :laughing:

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Yes you do.

–Gadget believes in you

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