EVE Online dev team is understaffed

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I am glad you found it useful.

Perhaps you can understand why I then questioned the viability of choosing the not-dead Eve Echoes game to play that has already proven to co-exist with Eve Online, without killing off both games/servers.

Even if to you it was such a stupid question.

Or is it still a mystery of “why did he make a ‘200 iq strawman bullcrap argument every first grader could pick apart’” at this point? In which case I’ll let it lie.

EVE is dying !
players are leaving!
let’s create another server !
oh wait …

I do disagree that similar measures CCP taken in EvE china, speaking new server, new galaxy layout, whole new content, no more HS ganking etc. would kill EvE PC.

In fact i do believe it would boom the game into long not seen publicity and player numbers.

I actually do believe this is the exact right step to take. Congratz and applaus to CCP for their boldness.

But after discussing this over the entire day, detailing and argueing almost every single aspect one could ever come up with to this matter, i now need to touch some grass. 07

At no point has a second server been actually mooted except by monkey.

“A special test server” doesnt mean two play servers.

But Im sure thats impossible to understand by people way smarter than me.

Well lets quote CCP for Ramona and the curious quiet reader who doesnt want to go throgh 270 replies one last time:

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Oh look exactly what I said

You need to try harder

Do be aware that the “facts that he is dropping” are misleading, as, for his example, he chose a mix of toons that give the worst ROI possible.

And, I haven’t looked at mining profits in a while, but considering the example setup he chose, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t account for everything one can do in order to maximize profits (i.e. mining in systems that get a mining buff, getting the best reprocessing rates from station/rigs/implants/skills, using sell orders, selling out of markets with better prices, etcetera).

Now, that being said, I am not trying to argue that HS mining is a particularly efficient use of one’s time or isk if they’re looking to make money. I was just really irked by him using facts to paint a misleading picture.

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Will the Lore be written to include a parallel New Eden Universe with detail?


This is true. In fact, CCP kickstarted the market with NPC buy orders. However, the player driven market is also something that a lot of players love about Eve, and NPC buy orders would undermine that. For example, when I used to do industry, I liked setting up low ball buys order for ore in popular mining systems, which would then get filled by lazy miners. However, if CCP sets up NPC buy orders, that would create a price floor, which would undermine my ability to exploit other players’ laziness. The end result is reduced player choice, and less opportunity for me to profit from making smart market decisions.

But, I wasn’t talking about the market. I mean, a carebear paradise server would cause problems with the player driven market, and possibly require CCP intervention. But, that’s least of my concerns, especially since that would be a you problem.

Critical Social Mass

So allow me to explain what I was actually talking about. First, devs have observed that social interaction is important for MMO players, and that it can have a major impact on player activity and retention. For example, making friends and joining communities can increase player retention (which is why many MMO’s will create incentives to join communities and play cooperatively), while a falling server population can spiral out of control if it gets too low. In other words, if the server starts feeling too empty, more players will quit, causing the server to be even more empty, which will cause even more players to quit. In fact, many devs consider MMO servers to have a “critical social mass,” or a minimum amount of players that has to be maintained in order to keep a server from dying. Thus, splitting the population of a niche game, at a time when player numbers are in the dumpster, and players are already complaining about New Eden feeling empty probably isn’t the most prudent idea.

Players are the Content

And, if that wasn’t already reason enough, this is also a UPvP sandbox game whose main content is the players (yes, devs have actually said this in presentations). I know there are plenty of guys who will happily grind away at Eve’s barely serviceable PvE, but that’s not why a lot of us started playing Eve. So, not only would a server split result in less social interaction, but also less content for players like me. Thus, this will also negatively impact player numbers, further increasing the chances of a server collapse.

Now, it is possible that dramatically compacting space might help to keep both server populations from collapsing. However, that doesn’t change the fact that someone who doesn’t even want to play Eve is willing to gamble my favorite MMO on the chances that CC FRIGGIN P will be able to make this work… CCP… really? What’s your encore, to ask Michael J Fox to shave my balls?



That sounds more like gui netrek than Eve. Meh.

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So its their testbed and they will want to see reaction from people.

Here are my opinions:

The map thing is awful, looks like in high where majority of people are (and start) the travel times will be a lot bigger especially for new players who will get bored even faster of warping, longer routes means less activity, probably another way of forcing players to get into some shady, thiefing corps so they lose the will to play when destroyed in low, the old knife in the back stuff, for loot or for those new logs. We all know that low, WHs and null is pretty empty, so ccp will just make high sec landscape awful enough for you to go to low faster. Nope, do not want. People have to do stuff in their own pace. Not too fast as this will make them lose confidence, and they will treat in game systems as hostile and for a reason of monetization. As some systems would disapear that also means player hunting grounds, stuff from stations, agents, all of it would disapear… awfull, you must not remove stuff and call it content…

Safety adjustment locked to green is stupid, as it removes the baiting and makes high even more boring, alongside long travel times after Niarja was turned null. Reductions in alliances make the game less player driven but more system driven. They want to reduce impact of players on the game, CCP wants more power over player than alliance leaders have themselves.

Stellar express recovery service will remove the heart thumping emotions when you are about to lose your ship, it will be easy to get the stuff back, which is also a slap in the face of manufacturers and its making economy less relevant, is making the ships sold for $ more viable for CCP. With it in place the loot from wrecks will be removed for players to grab I think, else they will just clone the items. NO LOOT IN DESTROYED SHIPS FOR GRABS. Awful.

Journals will be replacing loot, something like a corpse tags to collect. Kinda ok, but ONLY if it would drop alongside the loot from wreck. In FW that would have a lot of impact I think, when introduced to tranquility.

Ship suitability system looks like something from diablo when you get sets of items for additional bonuses. Kinda strange, could really mess the balance if those would be very powefull, I think they would be just 1% or 0.5% here or there, and removing 1% or 0.5% at the same time, to not disturb balance a lot. Will make also the ship unsellable on market if those bonuses would stay after repackaging, and ship would be available only on contract. If you have a ship you fly ones in pvp and it gets bonused, you will not sell it so fast as before. I am afraid it will be used for you to get more and more ships you grind bonuses for and all of them will have some small bonuses.

Overall it seems CCP wants to make EVE more like diablo immortal but with spaceships and without constant action. Awful idea, if I want hack and slash I go play diablo immortal that is constant action. If I want serious spaceships, I play EVE.

Better just give us the cat ears.

Your content have to stay original, just give more of it, more spaceships more clothes, more missions, more tiers.


You mean the same devs who have made so many errors in judgment to the point where lovers of the game got so disgusted that they up and left?
I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in people who have a great game with more then 60k concurrent players and manage to whittle that down to 15k players.
At this point, any fool can realize that what the devs have said during the past 10 years is BS.

So they say.
You can continue to wear your pink-shaded glasses but as far as I’m concerned, these devs are just okay to code, not make policy.

PS: At this point, PA should take away CCP’s abilities to make policy on EVE. They clearly are incompetent to run a game like EVE. They should just sit in cubicles and code. Period.

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Technically Abyss/Trigalvins introduced abyss sub space which is a parrallel universe, I have a feeling the drifter networks is another.

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This is true but this is also relative to the universe size, even 200 players can be enough if the universe was only 50 systems.

If the Eve universe was 1/4 the size everything would be thriving and players would not feel the emptyness at all.

We still have 14-20k players mostly online during prime times most other mmo’s operate at around 1k-4k players per server and at 4k it feels ridiculously full but that is because their landscape is way smaller.

Eve was at its best at 60k players its now 1/3rd so to get the same feeling even 1/3rd of the universe would feel great.


I like the map, sov, alliance and highsec safety changes. But I would not like all the other changes. ship durability, less star systems,value from idle ships and extended skills beyond the pilot skills. Those changes kind off destroy the current eve gameplay if you ask me.

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Spot on, I think. With lower numbers on Serenity, and with similar complaints as we have on TQ the dire question is “how to at least maintain critical social mass or, preferably, surpass it”. From what we’ve seen since 2019, the game’s owners do not know the answer for EvE Online (any server).

While ignoring the facts that have been painfully repeated again and again since the introduction of Black Out, Scarcity and the rest of it, namely that they are driving players away while failing to attract new long-term players (resulting in today’s PCU), someone somewhere has dreamed up a marvelous solution: “Let’s make a new game based on what we (CCP) accept as legitimate complaints”.

If you go through the translation carefully, you will see less and less of the sandbox, and more and more of the themepark (e.g. bonuses from challenges, bonuses from tasks, even bonuses from ships collecting dust in a hangar). And paying a “fee” to get back a lost ship, wasn’t that a EvE Echoes thing that created a row because of the (real cash) cost ?

If one can never be wrong, one is bound to make the next big mistake.


Why so many locked threads? - #5 by Ursula_Anders

The joke was that CCP buys the locks so their mods can lock the threads so the lock manufacturer bribes the ISD so they use more locks thus increasing their profits. :wink:

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Maybe the lock manufacturer should take over management of EVE then.

If Pearl Abyss becomes Lock Abyss the following months then the corporate takeover happened and they did and as such will also own CCP as well. :upside_down_face:

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