EVE Online dev team is understaffed

You mean the same devs who have made so many errors in judgment to the point where lovers of the game got so disgusted that they up and left?
I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in people who have a great game with more then 60k concurrent players and manage to whittle that down to 15k players.
At this point, any fool can realize that what the devs have said during the past 10 years is BS.

So they say.
You can continue to wear your pink-shaded glasses but as far as I’m concerned, these devs are just okay to code, not make policy.

PS: At this point, PA should take away CCP’s abilities to make policy on EVE. They clearly are incompetent to run a game like EVE. They should just sit in cubicles and code. Period.

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Technically Abyss/Trigalvins introduced abyss sub space which is a parrallel universe, I have a feeling the drifter networks is another.

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This is true but this is also relative to the universe size, even 200 players can be enough if the universe was only 50 systems.

If the Eve universe was 1/4 the size everything would be thriving and players would not feel the emptyness at all.

We still have 14-20k players mostly online during prime times most other mmo’s operate at around 1k-4k players per server and at 4k it feels ridiculously full but that is because their landscape is way smaller.

Eve was at its best at 60k players its now 1/3rd so to get the same feeling even 1/3rd of the universe would feel great.


I like the map, sov, alliance and highsec safety changes. But I would not like all the other changes. ship durability, less star systems,value from idle ships and extended skills beyond the pilot skills. Those changes kind off destroy the current eve gameplay if you ask me.

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Spot on, I think. With lower numbers on Serenity, and with similar complaints as we have on TQ the dire question is “how to at least maintain critical social mass or, preferably, surpass it”. From what we’ve seen since 2019, the game’s owners do not know the answer for EvE Online (any server).

While ignoring the facts that have been painfully repeated again and again since the introduction of Black Out, Scarcity and the rest of it, namely that they are driving players away while failing to attract new long-term players (resulting in today’s PCU), someone somewhere has dreamed up a marvelous solution: “Let’s make a new game based on what we (CCP) accept as legitimate complaints”.

If you go through the translation carefully, you will see less and less of the sandbox, and more and more of the themepark (e.g. bonuses from challenges, bonuses from tasks, even bonuses from ships collecting dust in a hangar). And paying a “fee” to get back a lost ship, wasn’t that a EvE Echoes thing that created a row because of the (real cash) cost ?

If one can never be wrong, one is bound to make the next big mistake.


Why so many locked threads? - #5 by Ursula_Anders

The joke was that CCP buys the locks so their mods can lock the threads so the lock manufacturer bribes the ISD so they use more locks thus increasing their profits. :wink:

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Maybe the lock manufacturer should take over management of EVE then.

If Pearl Abyss becomes Lock Abyss the following months then the corporate takeover happened and they did and as such will also own CCP as well. :upside_down_face:

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I think adult content are not allowed on the forums. :stuck_out_tongue: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk:

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Why you are you trying to get along with me? Can’t you see that I just want to be enemies?

I just want to fight with people, and all these guys keep trying to find ways for us to coexist without conflict… it’s a waking nightmare. What has this world come to? And then, if that wasn’t already bad enough, they won’t even return my animosity and hostility when arguing with me.

It’s kind of annoying.


Nobody sees a shipwreck as valid target except for salvager drones. :stuck_out_tongue: :smirk: :smiling_imp: :popcorn:


CCP… No sense of humour.

Buy cat ears?

I would literally throw money at CCP to buy a cosmetic that makes my character have an IFBB pro super heavy weight physique.

And maybe cat ears.


with the tux ccplease

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