EVE Online error

Hey Guys…
I was currious about what loglite is and I noticed that i got ( 34 error messages, or failures)
Do you altos get this if you open your loglite ?

I can try to post one of em here, for your info, just installed the game.

this is a copy / paste from my loglite error:

EXCEPTION #31 logged at 10/22/2020 06:07:40 : Unhandled exception in <TaskletExt object at 0x20101fca5b8, abps=1001, ctxt=None>

Formatted exception info: KeyError: 1030353690193L

Common path prefix = c:/buildagent/work/d2d8a22a74178531/eve/release/release

Caught at:

/packages/bluepy/__init__.py(51) CallWrapper

Thrown at:
/packages/bluepy/__init__.py(42) CallWrapper
/eve/client/script/ui/shared/fittingScreen/fittingPanels/minihangar.py(181) _Update
/eve/client/script/ui/shared/fittingScreen/fittingPanels/minihangar.py(301) GetCapacityInfo
/eve/client/script/ui/shared/fittingScreen/ghostControllerMixin.py(383) GetCargoCapacity
/eve/client/script/ui/shared/fittingScreen/ghostControllerMixin.py(399) GetStatsInfo
/eve/client/script/ui/shared/fitting/fittingController.py(198) GetAttribute
/eve/client/script/ui/shared/fitting/fittingUtil.py(68) GetShipAttributeWithDogmaLocation
/eve/common/script/dogma/baseDogmaLocation.py(1630) GetAttributeValue
attributeID = 38
itemKey = 1030353690193L
self = 

Thread Locals: session was 
Stackhash: -64054348
Reported from: logmodule

anyone also got errors like this ?

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