EVE Online Guide: Turrets

A deep dive into the Turret mechanics, from the RNG element, to hit chance, to damage quality, to tracking and angular velocity, it’s all here!
Lots of practical tests to illustrate the different steps of the equation in action.

00:00​ Intro
00:50​ The TLDR
01:54​ Turret Range
03:51​ Angular vs Tracking
05:00​ Converting tracking numbers
06:16​ Increasing Tracking
07:13​ Reducing Angular
09:43​ Target size
10:29​ Long range gun tests
13:14​ Short range gun tests
16:57​ Turret Hit Quality
18:55​ Wrecking Shots
21:45​ Improving Hit Quality
23:28​ Hit Quality tests
25:19​ Outro

20:37 98 misses, not 99. I know how to count(!)


Really nice video, it has a slight issue though. First you talk about optimal + 2xfalloff, which is correct, but then the example you give is 45x2=90 which is NOT correct.

Just add a bit of overlayed correction text to it and it’s not an issue.

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