EVE Online: Industrialist Entrepreneur Agent

In this episode, we run through the (awful) Entrepreneur Career Agent, who is supposed to tell us all about the Market and Contracts, but doesn’t.
So I do, afterwards. :sweat_smile:

00:00 Intro
01:38 Balancing The Books 1/10
03:38 Balancing The Books 2/10
08:39 Balancing The Books 3/10
11:46 Balancing The Books 4/10
15:01 Balancing The Books 5/10
15:48 Balancing The Books 6/10
18:58 Balancing The Books 7/10
21:13 Balancing The Books 8/10
22:52 Balancing The Books 9/10
23:31 Balancing The Books 10/10
23:57 Roundup of the worst tutorial ever made
25:15 Explaining the Market Page
27:02 Fitting Window Multibuy
28:24 Courier Contracts
31:36 Buy&Sell Contracts
32:26 Outro

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Now you becoming a man of wisdom.

Forget security missions, they are old, bad, boring, unfair and it’s a secret agreement between CCP and carebears to PLEX their accounts.

Focus on the obscure and unknown parts of EVE, gl. If you manage to do it without spreadsheets, you are a genious!

Jokes aside, we need more propaganda about the non mainstream EVE parts, not everybody likes the same stuff, CCP seems to push people that want to PLEX into the same ■■■■, but some people that left the game, probably never enjoyed some chill activity around, even being alpha.

Good luck.

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