EVE Online: Invasion - General Feedback

Can confirm this behavior. was sitting about 100 km from a c.office cloaked scanning planets when they warped in being nosey. system wasn’t invaded or anywhere near any invasion system.

was getting a daily for an alt when i warped into a belt to find ghosts and tangeling reds waiting for me. also not an invasion system with none near it. interesting interactions.

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They’re turning up just anywhere - I was killing npc’s, for the Spree, in an HS asteroid belt last night (no trig invasion happening). I made the mistake of targeting one, lasted about .00001 seconds after that :slight_smile: Fortunately they’re not hitting capsules.

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I landed on a stargate today in high sec, not an invaded system. I saw at least 8 ships camping the gate. Didn’t see all the names or ship sizes, but there were damaviks. This is not recon, this is guerrilla warfare. There’s no risk/reward here CCP. I don’t earn isk by jumping through stargates, it shouldn’t be a risk of guerrilla NPC’s waiting to blap my ship. Also, there’s no rhyme or reason behind the behavior. I have no player agency here. I don’t get to choose the content…

This is not a content update. It’s a content blocking update.


At last there is an incentive to start learning about directional scanning early on in your pilot’s Eve career, thanks to the trig scouts. Once you get that going the scouts are much less of an issue and you learn important flying skills for use in genuinely dangerous parts of New Eden.

The only dubious aspect is the killing of rookie ventures on their first mining trips in systems a few jumps away from starter systems, in a matter of a few seconds and often without even seeing them on the Overview. That could be far worse for new player retention than putting a bounty on a fresh player on day one.

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Nobody mine in hi-sec while paying 100% attention on game, but where is big difference between 24h afk mining and mining while you do some other things (like eating, watching twitch etc). Expecting people to stare on dscan for hours while mining veldspar in hi-sec is not very clever to say the least.

If Triglavian Recons suppose to combat afk mining and not to shut down hi-sec mining completely, they need to give players more time to react, imho. Increase locking time considerably, especially when targeting small ships (venture in particular). Decrease initial dps while slowly ramping it up over time to much bigger values, to kill really tanky ships if they fail to react in say 10-20-30 minutes. Make them cruiser/battlecruiser size to better represent their danger level. Allow them to jump to mining anomalies, like rare ore deposits and ice belts (places, where actual afk mining happens most of the time). May be tie their strength/numbers to security value (if this is not a case already). Increase intervals between jumps, so there will be more time to mine in peace. Do not respawn new group immediately after they get killed.
And add them to default overview, ofc.

I like general idea, it just need to be better implemented.


The Triglavian AI appears to continue to evolve (or CCP are tweaking certain numbers). What once was SOP in their behavior, now has different possible responses. The most dangerous new tactic I’ve come across (if using drones), is one they use when you send drones against anything orbiting at 15km or more. Where before you could hold agro or observe when they switched to your drones, the Trigs have become “clever”. The targeted Trig ship will begin a slow fade (increase in orbit range), while still ignoring your drones. Once they tack on another 5-10 km or more in range, they will then aggressively switch targets and focus on your drones. If you have left a tangling frig or 2 still up, you are guaranteed on losing a drone or 2…which hurts if it is a Gecko. My ROE now has moved tangling Trigs to the top of the targeting priority list to reduce this occurrence, but when there is 2 or more additional waves and the OI becomes crowded, it is easy to miss one or two newcomers.


It’s probably CCP’s attempt to appease the nullsec denizens complaining of the drifter invasion/blackout combo this summer… by spreading some of the love (pain?) around a bit to HS and newbies as well.

Well if that is the case, then it’s just plain bad design, because the drones suddenly can catch up if i keep pressing attack target.

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Well, I just got ganked for the third time by a powerful Triglavian fleet in a system they weren’t supposed to be in. I give up.

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There is no longer “systems they’re supposed to be in”, I’m afraid. the Recon ones can go where they like.

Allright. So we complained and complained that the last waves in the world ark didn’t drop wrecks. Now they are renamed, they are called “Sudanic”, and they do drop wrecks, but they don’t give ANY salvage, which makes the situation worse rather than solving it. Also they take forever to lock and their HP shows 0. Also you can’t shoot them, the weapons doesn’t activate. CCP, can you please do something right one time?



Go away!



Your a new player. I will let you slide for that remark.

30 seconds to lock each wreck up?!
Ran across one of these lesser conduit sites on my away home after fighting in an Invasion system and found trying to salvage wrecks to be a pain in the stern. Please adjust to equal current invasion system wrecks.


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