EVE Online: Invasion - General Feedback

Do you know Rebel Kiwi?

Sorry if Ive asked before

Invasions at Serren and Agal overlap again. CCPlease can you fix it?

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Also please add “avoid invaded systems” to autopilot.
And drones which are attacking Zorya’s Leshak in minor conduits frequently stop attacking. I need to press attack every 5 seconds to make sure they are on the leshak. Why is that?

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Ive noticed this in other circumstances too but thought it was a minor incident on my behalf with an error in drone settings.

Now Im not so sure.

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Oh god, I remember that comic. That’s an oldie and a goodie.

Probably because Zorya is too fast for the drones to keep up.

Yes. This can happen with MWDing rats sometimes.

The Drifter cruiser event a couple years ago in the spring (Operation: Conscious Interruption, I think it was called?) it was the one where they introduced that cruiser. You had to tackle it with webs or else it would fly around at like 5000 mps and your drones couldn’t MWD fast enough to keep up with it and then orbit/shoot it. (and so if you didn’t web it, the drones would occasionally give up and you’d have to press “f” or engage again to get them to try again)

Any confirmed changes in Triglavian behavior or fleet/site composition following the latest patch? Specifically looking for information on anchoring frigates outside of conduits, wave aggressions, and behavior changes in regards to warp outs and returns.

Charon pilot here. Locking out chunks of space (currently next to Jita) just limits my ability to play since the ship has no ability to defend itself.

I can log in one of my alts and go do something else, but it’s frustrating. Remember folks, it’s supposed to be a game and hence fun…

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Your ship is under no actual threat from them


Sure it is, one point & one web and I’m going nowhere while they pew pew at the ship. Or do you mean something else?

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There arent Achoring Trigs on gates. The webs help you get into warp as it is, and they dont have the firepower to break your tank before their own webs put you in warp.

If you auto pilot or dont pause to recover from damage sustained then you could be at risk, but that would be pretty negligent.


Interesting behavior observed from recon Triglavians spotted in an Invasion perimeter system (idk, perhaps they got lost). Warped in at around 120km from a group of four and was completely ignored. Slowboated down to max targeting in my RS at 113km and locked all four up and was surprised to see that they didn’t care; remaining in their orbits around their fixed point in space. Since I lacked a weapon system reaching that far, I decided to experiment and slowly moved toward them while still locked. It was only at 100km did they then yellow box and aggressively move toward my ship to engage. Regular Invasion Trigs seem to want to agro me around 120km and target locking one, agroes the entire group no matter the range.


Indeed, if you get webbed by one of 'em that’s almost as good as having a web alt at the ready for your freighter, I’d imagine!

One of my newbie alts was hunting for rats in a destroyer yesterday by warping from belt to belt in HS and got ambushed by a squad of recon damaviks (2 regular, 1 renewing, 1 starving)… they didn’t neut out all the cap immediately, but before it could warp off, shields were down from 100% to 25% in less than 5 seconds, dayum!

I saw people in a newbie NPC corpchat later talking about having drones while mining now just so the trigs go for them first… not sure if that’s always true, but it’s an idea. RIP drones, tho… just ammo, now more than ever.


Yeah, the recon Triglavians definately have a hard on hate for drones; they readily switch targets to prioritize drones.


Another thing, the “penalties” in system include a REDUCTION in mining cycle time, so that should be an increase in yield over time, correct? Havent tested it myself.

They will even go after Salvage Drones instead of other targets.

yes, there’s a mining bonus in the perimeters, a stronger mining bonus in the adjacents, and the strongest mining bonus in the foothold system (where the world ark is/can be).

But I’m talking recons in non-invaded systems. I’ve seen the recons on d-scan in invaded system as well while hunting anoms/escalations last night, tho. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!

I was also in a sansha incursion… VG system with trig invasion perimeter status. OVERLAP CONFIRMED (something I’d been wondering about since May/June).


I saw recon damaviks at a Customs office in high sec as well. The system wasn’t invaded. I didn’t stick around long enough to find out how much DPS they do. I watch the zkill live feed a little bit… or a lot. People are getting killed in non invaded systems on a regular basis now.

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Yup. And most people wouldn’t even know what killed them, as these ships do NOT show up on your overview by default.


Now that is a nasty troll by CCP!