Eve online lore stories books or audio books or stores online about mining and outer rings

I would love to find more story lore on the outer Rings Corporation and like the Orca a porpoise rorqual more in-depth I like stories on how they work and stuff like that I love audiobooks also set for them to put me into the right direction for lore audio books that be great

ps Right now I only have one audiobook for Eve online I’m looking for more so if you know Of more please let me know I’m looking for them

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I did a google search, Eve Lore Audiobooks, and came up with a couple of results.




It’s not Audio but should include this as well:



Thank you for the information

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whilst not exactly what you ask for this guy has been making audio books for all the chronicles (I don’t think he did them all though)


lol oops looks like I double posted a link demichael posted. my bad -_-

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