Eve Online Series #9 - Dual Web Merlin - Solo PvP

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Wonder how that fit will work on an Executioner? It’s ship trait is a cap reduction on propulsion jamming.

The executioner does that?

I’m assuming so. According to the link:


The Executioner “was designed specially to counter the small, fast raider frigates of the Minmatar Republic”. It has a cap drain reduction on Warp Propulsion Jamming.

Correct me if I’m wrong though. I’ve only been playing the game for three weeks and appreciate corrections.

Ahhh yeah your right I was think of something else. I have done a video on the executioner its titled Eve Online series #1 Executioner video

I focus on scra kiting in this one.

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That was a great video too. You really understand how ships work in EVE.

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Thanks I’m still learning alot, the more fights you get into and rewatch the more you learn.

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