Eve Online Skill plans for abyssals

So here’s a few questions I’ve got in formulating these.
First off, which ships/races do I skill into and what weapons do I skill into? Do I do drones, energy, hybrid, artillery, or missiles?
Second, what skills would I need for those ships? What skills would be best for an alpha to train into for an abyssal? If you have a skill plan, please share.
Please note I’m looking mostly at t1-t2 abyssals.

Whatever you want.

Combat skills, on top of the magic 14 first.

You need a good balance of speed, firepower and tank to finish abyssals without dying. But mostly just damage and tank.

Drones and Missiles are the easiest way to neglect optimal range. I had some fun in a Bellicose in the lower level Abyssal sites.
But to be able to fit all the nice modules I (and some others) strongly suggest skilling the magic 14 indeed.

The Gila seems one of the more popular platforms, specifically a fit nicknamed the Povertilla. It is missile-drone based.

If you haven’t found it yet, check out;


There is also a chat channel in game. I’m not at my PC at the moment, but I believe it is Abyssal Lurkers.


I’ve got the Magic 14 for Alpha down. Trained in and done. What other skills do I need? I took a tanked Navy Omen in and died because of the damn Striking damavic spawns in t1, and couldn’t kill them fast enough before time ran out. I had it fitted with Navy drones, lasers, that stuff. What other skills should I need?

I’d almost use a Gila if I could afford a 200mil hul+fit. Unfortunately I cannot, so what are some options for ship/fits/skills for at least a t1? T0s I can do no problem, done them in punishers and kestrels.

What kind of drones and lasers? If you fit medium, tracking is poor and fast frigates and drones that come close are hard to hit. So a target painter and a web might also be helpful.
The Gila is expensive as you already found out, don’t fly what you can’t affort to lose.
Skills: Drones V of course.

I was using Navy Acolyte and Navy infiltrators. If I was to go into missile fits, do I still need webs?

Webs slow down frigs and drones. As missiles deploy more damage to slower targets, they still help. But of course it depends on what you plan to fit instead.

What should I fit instead?

Cap Battery, Shield Extender, Shield recharger - there’s plenty that can be put into mid slots.

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