EVE Online: The Bare Essentials

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You’re not the average ganker, now are you

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bumped this into My EVE - EVE Online Forums as a guide.

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Just exactly what type of guide is this suppose to be?

Hi DMC, I think that’s the part which is relevant here. It’s clearly not a serious guide, as the tone and lack of detail indicate, plus, of course, the invitation for others to add to/delete from the list. Authors are not usually so generous.

Drew is (in my view) correct to keep GD clear of clutter. I humbly submit.

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Problem is, mentoring doesn’t scale up well.

Last October I spent about a week mentoring a guy in PvP, focused on single boxing and FW tactics. It culminated with us going on a roam together, we were alpha accounts and had only spent about 650k of the free SP and we’re in a Rifter and Slasher. We got him his first kill — a quarter billion ISK punisher. I thought that was amazing.

Only problem is I taught him too well and so he saw the game for what it is, and hasn’t really stuck around. A week of time wasted (lesson learned for me).

Everyone always says „teach me“ and wants free knowledge handout but it’s not a good use of my time if these students, even if they’re really nice people, are just gonna take that knowledge, pack it up, and not play.

Interesting post, Io. I mentioned, above, that this poster would need to decide, before committing himself to a course of action, whether he was, in fact, genuinely interested in the playstyle to which he thought he might be attracted.

Granted, we can’t all know such things in advance, but if your student showed commitment and determination while you were mentoring him, that’s about all a teacher/mentor can reasonably expect for his time investment. What happens after the course is not his responsibility, though it may be disappointing.

I was taught my profession by the most awful man I think I’ve ever met. He was, however, knowledgeable, and the very best practitioner in the UK, at the time. Any later success I enjoyed was down to his having provided me with the sure groundwork upon which I was able to build. Some of his students, however, flunked.

At least you helped your student to discern that perhaps PvP wasn’t for him!

On the contrary, he wants to PvP. He just saw the scene for what it is, how easy it was in lowsec for people to simply run or multibox, and decided it didn’t suit him.

And I hear you about your educator. I’ve had my fair share of smart but horrible people teaching in Uni years. The difference is they are surrounded by a culture and social structure that rewards them (monetarily and otherwise) for educating.

Eve has one such structure: Eve Uni. And that’s about it; it’s not worth it outside of that.

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My misunderstanding, Io. His disappointment is certainly shared by others. It doesn’t bother me particularly. I’ve a tendency to ignore what I don’t like!

@Io_Koval Are you interested in taking on another mentee? I’ve done the null sec stuff and pretty comfortable with the WH cloaky stuff, but my 1v1 or 1v2 knowledge leaves a lot to be desired.

Whenever I can muster the energy and find the time, I’ll reach out.

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