Как восстановить застрахованный корабль eve online?

как восстановить застрахованный корабль eve online? Застраховал, взорвали, можно его вернуть или хотя бы апдейты вернуть? В страховом офисе только страховать можно.

The simple answer is, No!

Insuring a ship only means that you receive more ISK when it gets destroyed (while it’s insured). So, to get your ship back you will have to rebuy everything from the market; Ship Hull and every module you had fitted, if you were lucky enough to be able to retrieve the loot from your wreck then you will save a little that way.

Destruction of Ship(s) and Rig(s) are permanent, Module(s) fitted and Cargo carried in cargohold has a 50/50 chance of dropping.

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