Eve portal is not allowed

I only logged in to the game when I first established a character. I used Eve portal to upgrade. Received your ban. Is this legal? I haven’t even logged in to the game. Where did I violate the regulations? If my recharge account is logged in on the same computer, there is no problem.
我只有第一次建立角色时候登录过游戏, 我 用EVE PORTAL来升级。收到了你们的BAN。 你们这样是合法的么? 我连游戏都没有登录过,我哪里违反条例了呢? 我充值的账号在同一个电脑上登录就没问题。


Nobody can help you here. You need to visit support.eveonline.com

judging by your use of chinese language, one would assume that you are logging into Tranquility server, to which you should be using your own server of Serenity

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