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Hello I was last night to try to play some mining and get the chance to make the ISK< but at times I get the log in issues that wont let me in when I need to see where I am, and I had to uninstall (EVE) on line to re-install the way if to be brand new so my (EVE) has been lost form the last 3 ships I got form the upgrades, now I cant get in to the game, a chocolate screen appears and its tells me the (GUI) Has been denied access, Why? what did I do? I never used bad languages or make sexual content if all ready I have been in chat and did not want to get into this kind of conversations so Why? why am I denied access? and now I lost my connection to Reload,

Your a little hard to understand. English is not your native language, what is your native language? or is there a supported language, like German, French or Russian, that you’re better at than English? if so you could try post in one of those forum sections.

So let me try to understand your problem(s):

1) You have connection issues, being disconnected at odd times?

  • Could you explain how this happens?
  • Do you get a “Socket Closed” popup message?, if so then have a read here

2) You have Login issues?

  • can you login into the authentication server, as in you can login with the launcher?
  • does the client launch when you hit “Play”?

3) You have lost 3 ships as a result of disconnects?

  • not sure if you will be able to get those ships reimbursed, you’ll have to write a support ticket here to ask for it.

4) You think you may be denied access/banned?

  • check your email that is associated with your EVE account, if you have been banned, you will have received an email about the reasons for the ban as well as duration of it.
  • I do not know any reasons for the client to deny you access to the server, except when the server is down for maintenance.

I’m sorry take a look at what I am dealing with,WIN_20171111_21_42_46_Pro

I would suggest you file a support ticked, if you haven’t already, you can use the link in my previous post in the 3).

It happens to me at least once most days outside of maintenance times. I’ll either get that screen upon first loading the launcher and be unable to launch any clients, or first client launches fine then launcher reverts to that screen as soon as the client loads. I just fix it by reloading the launcher for each client i need to launch but this is not a confined issue, fyi.

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