Space the finale frontere ( Klingon on the starboardside) o darn it!

Hello I see the game and try to play this, but here I am in one battle and lost Aura, and from there on I could not continue the story line even when I got the frigate and the ships I paid for are gone, and I don’t have real money for a long time. minded I got a gift card to pay for the ships in the ISK currency, and in the chat people start to talk to me as if I am in a translated words as to say they do not understand what I said, I wish I could be a player and start our but how can I not be ok to throw away the accomplishment’s I had to start, and in the mission I found no real help, I loose ship after ship even when I ask for a escort, ((to mine material to build my part like every one else,))
this only in the 0.0 neutral zones on the star map. so I hope this topic can be fair to the rookies that only want to be a community of the others on game, and refunds are easy to find under the client email and correctors, (O7)

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Thread moved to #new-citizens maybe someone here can be of help.

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Hoooo boy… that is a jumble there. Let me see if I can dissect it a bit:

  • You merely lost a Corvette (aka “Rookie ship”). If you dock at any station (not a citadel) you will get a new one for free.

  • A Corvette is called a “Rookie ship” for a reason; it is a “basic” ship and has minimal ability to fight or defend itself.
    You did not stand a chance against the Interdictor and Interceptor that killed you.

  • There is no such thing as “neutral 0.0 space.” Even if there is no “flag” announcing that a person owns a system, someone can claim the system simply by virtue of showing up with bigger guns or more friends.

  • Let’s go through various security levels here:
    – High-sec (1.0 to 0.5 space): Similar to a town in a fantasy MMO. There are guards around so things are pretty safe. But there are also criminals hiding around every corner, so you do have to protect yourself to some degree.
    – Low-sec (0.4 to 0.1 space): Imagine going into the slums of a town. Even the guards are afraid of entering. Thieves, murderers, scum, and villainy are all here.
    Mind the gap and don’t bring what you are not willing to punch people with.
    – Null-sec (0.0 to -1.0 space): You are not in a town anymore. You are nowhere near civilization. The only rules that exist are those you can enforce with a weapon. Or friends with weapons.
    – Wormhole space (0.0 to -1.0 space): Think Mad Max but in space.

  • Escorting is not a really viable profession unless you are moving very valuable goods. And sadly for you… a few rocks are not all that valuable.

  • I would suggest that you not mine in 0.0 space. Not until you learn more about the game and how to avoid danger.

  • You don’t HAVE to build anything. There are several major markets you can buy all the parts you need for your ship… or buy a new ship entirely.

  • Have you tried running the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc? If not, talk to Sister Allura in the system of Arnon.




Hello and welcome to Eve.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Sounds like you got sidetracked quite a bit.

The Tutorial should have kept you on track to the Career Agents. There are 3 set’s of 5 Career Agents available and if needed, you can always do another set of Career Agents to help get you started again with ISK and basic Frigates.

Judging by your Corp name, Federal Defense Union, it seems you joined Factional Warfare which operates in Low Security space, not 0.0 Null Security space. Factional Warfare is Player v Player action mixed in with Player v Environment action.

As for starting over again, there’s no shame in that, especially since you’re a new player. This game is based on long term play so the few items / skills you’ve already gained is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what you can achieve in long term play. Since your account has 3 different character slots available I suggest you create another character and do the Tutorial / Career Agent missions again.

If you do that, I’m sure you’ll do much better since you’ll be more familiar with the game and can recognize mistakes made when you started playing the first time. I hope this helps, good luck to you and may you have a long rewarding career here in Eve.


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Wow, you did get in a good mess, but that’s just fine you haven’t crippled your self in any way.

In low security space, even the rats are bigger than you…and have uzi’s Sounds like you kinda did what I did, took off in a random direction(or following one of the career agents) and ended up in the ghetto but never found your way out.

My first time I ended up in low sec doing a mission, I was a day 3 noob(just enough knowage to get me in trouble) I was in a Indy ship racing a battle cruiser for the gate to get out of the system… day 4 someone did get me coming into a different low sec system, didn’t make it back out.

You don’t really have the skills equipment knowledge or money to be out there yet. There is A few options,
#1 you can come back to high sec build up what you need(skills, knowledge, money and equip) till your ready to tackle low sec if that’s what you want. The starter missions can be done in different systems to get you free easy starter money ships and skills.
#2TRY to join a new player friendly corp that will help you where you are. A new player friendly corp should be there to help and guide and advise what you can do and you need to learn and other people to hang out with.
#3start a new character(which I wouldn’t). You have not harmed your character’s future, plus you do have the skills that you have trained up already, may not be much in the long run but makes an immediate difference to you.


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