Is it at all possible to find a corp in 0.0 space where it's fairly safe?

I would love to join a 0.0 corp but watching local chat is very hard for me so every time I try to join a corp I end up sitting in a station non stop because there’s a red sitting in the system for days on end (which means I can’t undock at all) or system is clear and then i’m mining or ratting and first I know there’s an enemy i’m already being shot at and webbed. Because of this I lose mining barges and ravens and the like before I make enough ISK to cover their cost.

Also with how much lack of market in 0.0 there is once my ship gets destroyed I can’t do anything due to not having a ship and I get kicked from corps for not playing. But what am I to do if I have no ship? Sit in my pod in station?

No system is “safe” in EVE, not even 1.0 systems. Undock is your consent to PVP.

You can undock. It is a self-imposed limitation that you choose not to. The secret to EVE is not risk avoidance, but risk control and mitigation. If PVP is a concern, learn to avoid and escape it rather than hide out from it entirely via station camping

Nullseccers don’t take kindly to krabs, though if you perform these activities collaboratively so as to garner strength and PVP competency through numbers (whereas PVE solo fits have none), it won’t be krabbing anymore.

Nullsec groups are largely self-sufficient. They don’t need a market because they manufacture most of what they need, and can readily procure the rest from rats or LP stores. Even when they import from tradehubs, the stocks are divided among corp/alliance members rather than sold on market for anyone to purchase.

Some corps are casual friendly - you just have to find the right one. Consider a WH or LS group instead of a k-space NS group. Or HS.

In the worst case scenario, you can self-destruct your pod to go back to your medical clone at your previously designated home station (by default your starter station at the university you started the game at, though this can change at any time).


Eve is a game of player interactions - cooperative and competitive - in a sandbox with 2 main simulations - military and economic. CCP’s job is to supply us with basic tools and maintain a reasonable risk/reward balance. Otherwise - we are the content. The complexity of player interactions is what has kept the game going for 17 years.

There are different kinds of risk - social, economic, physical, etc… and we have different levels of tolerance. If you’re not playing Eve primarily for combat PVP, you probably won’t be happy in nullsec or wormholes for long. You can make more ISK gathering resources in those regions but must accept higher risk.

Highsec is safer but PVE opportunities are generally less rewarding. On the other hand - highsec is where the markets are and, as in real life, that’s where the real money is made!

The point is - the game has no defined victory condition or path you’re expected to follow. You set your own goals and choose your own path. Whatever that path turns out to be, you will be interacting with other players - either in social groups, on the battlefield or in the marketplace.

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why you necro bro

First of all, 0.0 is not intended to be safe. So answer is NO.
If you want relaxed safety to play, Empire space if there for you.

In any nullsec you will have to watch local for non-friendly people out to kill you, that’s the nature of the space.

Also, if you are docked up because of a cloaky camper, that is a rule you imposed yourself (or your alliance imposed on you), nothing stops you from undocking and playing, if you are willing to take the risk to do that.

Also, MANY alliances have just as many intel channels to provide ample warning (unless they jump in through a WH, bridge or with fillaments) of neutrals coming your way.
So if you get caught with your pants down, the only one to blame is yourself.

If you can’t afford to lose Ravens and mining barges, you are not following the golden rule that is:
Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose/replace.

Also, it is known that the market in null-sec isn’t exactly Jita 4-4, so you should stock up yourself and ship stuff in. Many alliances have got logistics options for that for you.

If you want 0.0, don’t expect easy mode.
If you want easy mode, don’t expect to get that in 0.0

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