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I can’t log in or the eve portal app anymore.

I get this message after attempting to log in.

{“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“Some parameters are either missing or invalid”}

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Got similar issue yesterday, changed my password on Account Manager.

Can you please add a feature in future releases to allow for Copy/Paste from an email thread? Doesn’t appear I can even select any test from messages delivered to the app.

Can you send corpwide emails in EVE portal? If so, how do you do that?

Mailing list?

As chuck mentioned in post above, can Corporation wide mails be sent yet and if so, what is the format for the ‘to’ address?

I work away from home a lot and rely on Eve Portal, from a mail point of view, to see what is happening within our Corp. To date, I have not found how to send Corp wide mail through Portal and have to rely on relaying messages through members, to get important information out to the Corp, until I can get access to a computer and log into game…

I just installed the app and the skill queue list in it is only 7 skills long. Where the eighth skill would appear is a block saying, “25 Skills In Queue”. I can’t find any tappable surface that will expand this list out.
Is this seriously limited to only showing 7 skills or am just missing something staring me in the face?

Another thing is after the learning of the skill is completed it just didn’t update the total of character SP skills level. Only after you log into the game it would refresh.

Same issues here, still killing all the joy.

Redmi Note 4X MIUI 9(Basically Android 7.0)

When I try to reply to an email, on Android, I get a red box pop up briefly with the text “Connection Error”.

I can send a new email to the contact though, but I had hit the ‘search’ button on the virtual keyboard after entering their name to get this to work. This may relate to some of the issues others are having sending mail.

Please CCP, for the love of all that is holy and for my own sanity, default Corp mails to reply with the option to reply all. I don’t sleep anymore. My children wake in the night to an endless sea of pings from Corp mates who have seduced into using the app where the only option is reply all. Why do you hate my children CCP?
LOL but seriously, reply button instead of reply all? Like pri #1? Thanks!

Same issue. Running the app on Android Oreo.

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So, it seems that instead of any kind of popup, what you have to do is type the name, then hit the search key on the virtual keyboard and select from a list on another screen. Sorry for spamming the board!

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