EVE-Skillplan.net - Plan your training online! (v3.3.0 - Relaunched in August 2020!)

Hi Legedric.

I’m still having issues, I suspect its due to my Access Mask = 0? I can’t see any way to change it.
Whatever the problem is its not unique to your program, I’ve tried to use other tools and they all result in only a partial success. I see a character in some, but no skills, isk etc.
With yours my character won’t show at all.

Any help welcomed and appreciated.


Hey guys,

just a short heads up from me as I am still pretty packed IRL.

I will try to find some time to update the site to reflect the most recent changes made to EVE so it will recognize the new skills etc.
However, I am not able to promise any feature additions anytime soon (such as Alpha Clone functionalities) as I want to close the work I already started for switching from EVE’s XML API to ESI to be prepared for the XML API shutdown.

@Varcolac_Corvinus: You need to change the access rights for the API key on EVE’s website in the API Key Management section found here:

@Legedric_Striker If you need some help developing fixing bugs (I can name a few) in this fantastic app, I may be able to help. (PHP Developer myself).

Is there a Github repository?

Hi there, I’m having a issue logging in. I input my username and password and don’t get passed the login screen. is there a way to fix or reset?

@Flash_Goardon There does not exist any form of public repository right now. But as my time gets more and more limited I will at least think about making the project open source and allowing users that are willing to commit changes/fixes to the project maybe until the end of the year.

@Garsuni_Sokarad If you provided your email address you may use the “Forgot Password” link that#s available on the login screen.

Eve-skillplan.net real time sync is not working - this problem still exsist!

My characters also do not update.
The data shown (skills, skill queue, isk etc) is accurate as at the time I added the API keys, but since then it has not updated with new skill queue changes.

Yes, eve-skillplan.net is broken show only when you delete all your caracters and add them again those skills what in queue and not update any changes and when queue finish then like caracter is not skilling.

Hey, another issue when registering. My password manager generated and filled in a password which prompted a warning:

Please enter no more than 20 characters

Why is that? With proper password hashing the maximum length of the password does not matter…

Looks like characters are still not updating after the initial pull. Makes the site kind of useless. :tired_face:

Any chance to get my favorite tool up and running again? @Legedric_Striker pretty please :sob:

Legedric, thank you for making this tool.

EVEMon does two really useful things in terms of skill planning.
Firstly, it lets one see skills that one’s character has not yet trained.
Secondly, it shows against each skill, the primary and secondary attributes for that skill and the SP/hour.

With those two additions to your tool I would have no more reason to use EVEMon.


i recently stumbled over your site and it looks really good. I added some API and noticed that one of my characters doesn’t show him training.
Then i experimented with the skill planner and im not sure wether the import function pulls from the API or i can copy paste a skillplan in the ingame format?!

Either way it seems like it doesn’t know any of the new moon mining skills. Perhaps there is an update in the tubes?

Great work overall.

This is really lacking the ability to plan a new character. Working with existing toons via the API is nice, but it really should have the option to “plan” a toon that doesn’t exist yet.

You can actually use a specific skillplan for a brand new character.

Create a skillplan to an existing character, “use empty character” and then save. All calculations will be based on a brand new character with no skills and training from scratch

Is this site dead?
I can’t select the new moon mining skills in the skill plans, nor can I monitor them in the existing skill queue.

Great site for the rest :slight_smile:

Is there any desire to open source this or get help from the community? I’m willing to help support the site.

This is a super great foundation and with the news of the EveMon rewrite not going super well I think people are interested in alternatives.

I don’t think Legedric has been active in terms of the game and developing the site.

It has been stagnant for some time now but I fully agree to support it and possibly develop it further. He still has the rights though as the original developer and maybe he hasn’t come online due to real life or family issues.

Nothing seems to be updating for me. It’d be nice if he published this to GitHub so we can at least keep it alive in his stead.

Any updates?