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site down for me since yesterday :frowning:

website is on and offline what is quite annoying since i have plans on it that i need access to, well then i take another provider…

I have been using eve-skillplan for a while on my main accounts and find it very useful.
I have recently started a couple of Alpha accounts for pre-training a couple of toons before making them Omega to join my other toons.
I am finding that when I add alpha account api key they show up with queue correctly but the queue does not refresh and runs out even if I have added more skills after adding the api key.
Am I doing something wrong or is it just because they are alpha accounts.

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@Legedric_Striker Will the ESI changes affect the website in anyway or will we still have access to current skillplans?

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Yeah, actually my corp is using it and i would recommend it if you ask.

Same problem here. The characters don’t get any update from the game.

was never updated to handle esi… sorry guys this on only works off the old xml…

Any plan on make it ESI compliant, or the site will become dead?



Double this^

May as well add another^^^
@Legedric_Striker? :pray:

Looks like the guy is no longer active and has not been since April 2016. Would also align with the last updates to the site.

A shame really

any idea esi support?

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while that I last wrote something here and I wanted to take the time today to provide some information about the status of EVE-Skillplan.net.

As you all surely know, the last update happened almost a year ago and the reason why this is the case is pretty simple: I quit playing EVE already like 2 years ago and I always tried to find some free time (and motivation) to keep it updated but as you can see this was or is not that easy so I stopped working in this project a good while back.

ESI support is in fact mostly ready except of some clone and implant stuff that was not available on the new API back when I already prepared the project for the new API.

However, I have to announce that I will shutdown the entire project and website on Friday May 25th 2018.
One obvious reason is that I do not have time and motivation to move this project fully over to the new API at the moment.
Another (more final) reason is that with the new GDPR I simply do not want to dive into this legal topic as it would be absolutely relevant and applicable for my project as the platform is all about handling you EVE data in one way or another.

Sorry that it ends on that short notice but I do not want to get in any trouble with the application of the new GDPR after the above mentioned date, no matter how motivated I may or may not be to move this project forward.

However, thanks to all of you who provided constant feedback and support for this project!

Kind regards,



Understandable, @Legedric_Striker but too sad. Thanks for all your hard work! I don’t see a way to PM you at all since you’re not logging in… would you please drop me a note? Sparky.doosan@gmail.com would like to see if there’s a way forward.

Sorry to see it go, but I would like to thank you both for your excellent work on the project while it was running and popping in here to let us all know what the status is and will be.

Wherever you’re spending your time now, fly safe


Sorry to know this. Anyway, thank you for working on this project for so many years.

Fly safe!

maybe someone other could this project in future?

Are you planning on making it open source? I’d love to continue your great work and maintain it.

@Aaron_Wisest Making the source or the whole project open to the public is not much of a problem.
However, I do not know if I am legally allowed to transfer all the user data for over 22k users to another “owner”.