EVE-Skillplan.net - Plan your training online! (v3.3.0 - Relaunched in August 2020!)

Yeah, that would be less than ideal… :rofl:

However, signing up for a new service is not going to be a issue for most folks, and having your hard work live on would be pretty cool.

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Yeah. That probably will cause an issue. You could always release it open source without user data.

do someone know an other alternative?

ok EVEMon is now working with the new ESI…

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Can you link a up to date Evemon

sure EVEMon 4.0.2 BETA - Under New Ownership - Conversion for ESI in the 1st post you have all details

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Will be miss. thank for everything.

@Legedric_Striker I am working on my own skill planner right now and I was wondering if you have the code base somewhere. Don’t care about the data. Just the code itself. Would you be able to upload to Github and/or Bitbucket

You just have to ask their permission. GDPR is about gaining permissions, transparency and the ability to be forgotten. Yes, the fines are scary but are based on your turnover. Just say where the data is being held. Ask them if this is okay. And how you can be contacted to remove, see the data you hold about them.

You can update everything yourself. (He says in true EVE, its so easy manner). I know your talents lie elsewhere, so if you would like some help please message me.

Good luck

David - has your skill planner progressed at all? I’m severely missing an online planner (cannot download and use evemon at work)


It is coming along. There is no public announcement yet, but I am still working on it. I can use all the feedback that you can provide. You are free to check it out by going to https://levelv.space 11 . Please submit any bugs/feature requests to the Github linked in the footer.



Hi David - spent some time with this tonight. Looks amazing, exactly what I needed. Two things for the wishlist:

  • Is it possible to add accounts together so I could see for example my primary character on each account?

  • I’m getting not found errors when trying to add a skill to a plan

  • It would be really helpful to have a ‘browse skills’ part in the planner. For example I could expand the gunnery category and choose skills from the list.

Really does look promising though

edit: will raise them in github, sorry missed that line in your post

What about MAC?

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Hey guys,

just in case anyone is still interested in this former platform, I wanted to let you know that I returned to EVE.
As I am missing the features of my old platform already, I decided to take a deep dive back into it again to relaunch the entire platform based on ESI.

So stay tuned. I have still some stuff to do, but expect to see it go back online soon. I hope to get it done this month already.

Best regards,



It’s done! EVE-Skillplan.net just relaunched a couple of days ago and is already moving forward again.

I hope you enjoy the platform that over 25,000 people already registered to and love until the shutdown in 2018.

These are the most recent updates that already happend since the relaunch some days ago:


  • Added an icon to indicate if a skill is only available for Omega clone status
  • Added a bar to show the monthly ISK donation goal to support the platform and keep it up and running (starting in September)
  • Fixed the skill level that ESI provides for already trained Omega skills on Alpha characters


  • Added more information to the character main screen like Omega status, number of skills trained and skills trained to level V
  • Fix progress display on character main screen for current skill in training


  • Fixed an issue that prevented some skills from being imported properly when using the new skill list import feature


  • Fixed an issue that caused unauthorized ESI calls to stop the entire API refresh for some characters
  • Fixed an issue that caused a false Perception attribute bonus


  • Added an option to import skills from a simple “Copy & Paste” text list of skill names


  • Fixed handling of character attributes that got augmented by implants coming from ESI as combined values

3.0.0 - Relaunch August 2020

  • Reworked the API access to use EVE ESI
  • Added an option to flag characters as Omega/Alpha
  • Added new ships that were added since somewhere in 2018
  • Added a GDPR compliant data privacy policy
  • Updated the static EVE database to the most recent update
  • Fixed several bugs that occurred due to some dependency version updates
  • Removed all legacy XML API functionalities
  • Removed all affiliate advertisements
  • Removed support for EVE’s ingame browser
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Is this tool being supported? I set up an account and added a couple of characters to it. The existing skills come over but the attribute value won’t populate. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks

I seem to be having a problem - I added several accounts with EVE SSO and it seemed to work, but they are not showing in the actual front page now. See attachments

I just release version 3.3.2.

This version should fix an issue that prevented some characters from updating properly or showing up entirely like @haelineumea_Pana mentioned.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Setup an account on your website and it does nothing but lead me back to site home page. Cant seem to find where I begin to log in all my info. Help?

Alright, all I want to be able to se easily is take my existing skill plan that shows up in your app ( yes, I’ve downloaded it) and copy it to a new plan and be able to change attributes and implants to see the change in training time. I don’t see how this is possible. I also don’t see a anywhere with an overall training time on the existing skill que list. ( not one we’ve created but what comes to your app with ESI.

Let me know if what I ask is possible already or when it could be.