EVE-Skillplan.net - Plan your training online! (v3.3.0 - Relaunched in August 2020!)

Morning sir! thanks for the great tool!

Having an issue since 3.3.2 rolled. My base stats are incorrect. It shows them all as 4 16’s and a 15 (CHA), so my skill timer is off when I build a skill plan. Not a big deal, but its a bug.


Hi, I’m having some problems trying to get my characters displaying the same data as shown within the game. For example one character in game has an active skill queue and has over 5 million SP, but on your site it’s only showing 2.5 million SP and an inactive queue. Is there a way to force a refresh/reload from EVE? Thanks

I have been using this for a few months and it’s great for managing skills across multiple accounts, but I keep having to re-authorize my accounts every few days. Is there a way not to need to do this, or am I doing something incorrectly?