Eve Subway Map

I was searching for something in the old forum, and came across some maps I made a while back: so I though I would repost in the new forum…

This hisec ‘subway’ map was designed to help my trade alts navigate between the main inter-hub trade routes, and detour along high-sec shortcuts to the surrounding regions where required.

The higher resolution PDF lives here : http://dl.eve-files.com/media/corp/reefraff/Eve_Subway_Map.pdf

While I love Dotlan for the details of each region, I needed something that provided the inter-regional ‘big picture’: I even tried to preserve the topography/relative positions of the main hubs and regions to each other.

Distribute freely if found useful.

Dirty Rotten.


And while I was at it, here’s a much simplified version to assist those poor souls who are lost and are in need of assistance:

Also on imgur[.]com/a/B02p5vW for those moments when you need to post a map in local showing where The People Who Care live…

I think I prefer this map over my first one… Big smile




These are awesome!

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Somehow with all the cartoons it makes Eve look like such a safe place to visit just hope they don’t put them on jump gates leading to null.

I like it!

good job, mate

Well, you may wish to take any maps drawn by someone called ‘Dirty Rotten Pirate’, and who works for the ‘Rancer Tourism Association’ with a grain of salt, but yep: if you stay on the colored or gray routes you will always been in high sec, and I’ve even highlighted high-sec ganking hot spots… :slight_smile:

I thought this was gonna be a topic about where to find local Subways… my crew needs to eat fresh.

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