Eve High-Sec 'Subway' map

I posted this map a long time ago on the old forum. As its still valid I thought I would resurrect it here…

This ‘subway-style’ map shows the main inter-hub trade routes in high-sec. The map aims to aid ‘where do I go to modify orders in region X from a trade hub’ and ‘how can I limit jumps to trade in neighboring regions’. I’ve also added high-sec shortcuts to the surrounding regions and the fastest routes between the main hubs.

PDF: http://dl.eve-files.com/media/corp/reefraff/Eve_Subway_Map.pdf

JPG: http://dl.eve-files.com/media/corp/reefraff/EveSubwayMap.JPG

I tried to preserve the topology/relative positions of the main hubs and regions to provide a ‘big picture’ summary of high sec: something missing from the traditional regional maps.

Distribute freely if of use. Will bump post every year or three.

Dirty Rotten.


And here’s the maps much simplified little cousin to assist those poor souls who are lost and are in need of guidance:

The file resides here on eve-files

I think I prefer this map over my first one :smiley:



Not needed. Dotlan map is still much better and since your shortcuts include Rancer or Tama, this map will just frustrate newbees or unexperienced players.

Of cause if it is just a scam and you want more transports killed by your buddies in low sec camps, fire away. But do not call the threat “high sec somewhat somewhat.”

Hi there erg: dotlan is great for reviewing individual regions. I personally found it frustrating though when trying to look at the bigger inter-regional picture: i.e. the main trade hub routes that pass through 3-4 regions.

Ditto while all of us hear of low-sec and high-sec systems infamous for camping (Tama, Rancer, Amakake, Uedama, Niarja, etc) it wasn’t until I compiled this map that I saw why these particular systems are the ones that are camped.

If you check my killboard you will see I only do solo PvP far from any trade route. I do however have more than a dozen trade alts scattered throughout every system in high-sec: hence the map. You’re still welcome to think its a scam and not useful: I believe players who are forewarned of the risks with such maps can make their own decisions.


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This is now also, my favourite map ever.

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I’m going to copy that into my own, I think.

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Why can I only like this map once? CCPLEASE STOP OPPRESSIN’ MEH!


This is fkin beautiful. Thanks!

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That first map is really well done. I personally don’t use out of game maps much (I never use Dotlan and I get by just fine in solo null pvp). It helps explaining stuff to newbies.

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This is why we need: Jita Supernova

Talk about stale content.

Thanks for the positive comments - and I agree one of its main uses is explaining how hi-sec is laid out for new players. I’ll add a few of the main regional trade centers at some point.


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