EVE Support Issue

Hello, brave pilots of the deep space.

Can’t submit a ticket on Eve Support for the last 2 days. Progress stops after step “Select type” and log-in process. Browser can’t pass through https://ccpcommunity.zendesk.com/ page.

Is there another options to connect with support, cause I have a problem to solve?

Thank you.

Do you have any ad-blocker or similar addons in your browser? Any firewall that may block certain websites?

To answer your question these are the officially listed contact methods:

Nope. I am on Mac Os. And actually already used support service not so long time ago (month or two).

No idea then. Maybe try again there was an unexpected extended downtime maybe it was related. In the above article they list an email address too so maybe you can use it if the support portal still isn’t functioning.

Thanks for advice, mate

did you try another browser

support@eveonline.com from the email listed on your account will also open a support case on your behalf.