EVE Trade V5.0.x Released - Region to Region Trading!

@ACreatorPT Turns out it is a little more complex than I had imagined due to how I share information between sections. I tried to add it to the 5.2.1 release, but I am going to have to push it back to 5.3.0 since it will require a little more work.

@Rotsner_Deja Nooooes. My way of life xD my poor isk supplies are pretty much vanishing :frowning:

hopefully you will get it sorted soon :smiley: otherwise im screwed to plex my accounts this month :S

and once again thanks for doing god’s work. ill just keep rechecking everyday :smiley:

(although im really sad as tomorrow is ma birthday and that would be the best gift ever xD)

TD;DR: thx for the update and work :smiley: hope to get it when u can :smiley:

@ACreatorPT I do have the day off tomorrow so I might try to work at it again. I have an idea for another feature I want to get in sooner rather than later as well so it might force me to do both.

I have the website https://dev.evetrade.space up as well if you want to look at the experimental site. I typically test out any features for a at least half a day or so here before I take them live. (note: the SSL token is not signed so you will need to accept the risks and continue to the webpage).

If I am super productive, then who knows? It might be birthday gift after all.

@Rotsner_Deja cant say i wouldnt be happy but as usual take whattever time you need. RL comes 1st :smiley:

but thanks! :smiley:

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Unfortunately didn’t have time today. Its on my todo so you’ll see it in the next update in the next few weeks.

I sent this via feedback but wanted to leave it here. Would love to see trade options based on route entered. So say I’m going Mendori to Jita, would love to see trade options along that route. Basically using only the systems on the route.

still anxiously waiting for the sweet updates :smiley:

@ACreatorPT and @Cowboy_Arnerette
I know. I have both of your tickets at the top of my v5.3.0 backlog (see attached). Unfortunately as a freelancer / government contractor my life swings in terms of work load. This is a priority when I have downtime. I will get to them both as soon as possible.

I will keep you posted and tag you when they are released.

I just found your site. It looks very sweet!

Yeah, I’ve been looking for something like this as well. +1

You are still working on project?

Is it possible to have search to trade to anywhere? For instance let’s say I want my starting region to be The Forge but I am willing to take goods anywhere for trade? The other features should allow for me to limit it to high sec or high sec and low sec only, or even high/low/null. Is this possible?

Hey all,

I finally found some downtime in the last month (I’ve been traveling for the better part of the last year so I haven’t been able to get to any of the feature requests). I’m working on the following two tasks:

  1. Adding the buy/sell options to the forms.
  2. Getting the environment ready for open-sourcing.

I am hoping to have both of these done in the next 30-days. Apologies for the delay. My life has been quite hectic. Hopefully this will enable greater collaboration and more timely feature releases.

If you would like to follow the progress I have a dev branch of the code up here: https://dev.evetrade.space – currently I have only wrapped up on the second task. Hoping to get to the first one in the next week or so which will allow me to test it for a week and take it live in early Feb.

CC: @Mac-Gregor4 @ACreatorPT and @Cowboy_Arnerette

As for @Nacl_Kanine this task is quite computationally heavy. It is something I’ve been given requests for, but in my experience these queries take too long and if I store this information it becomes stale too quickly. Most of the time deals are snapped up too quickly for a user to travel outside of their region to buy them.


I’ve added the buy sell option to https://dev.evetrade.space

I am working on some last minute changes checks and changes and then Ill be moving it to the live website.

Edit: v6.0 is live.

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