EVE Vanguard selling name “”EVE ONLINE” for isk

Hello and Welcome

i am the first man who claimed nickname “Eve Online”
in eve vanguard

if you wish to purchase the name
im posting it on auction , for eve online isk

starting price 50B isk

this is the one and only name no copy no 2nd chance once its yours its yours forever.

will announce the Winner at the end of this week.
at the exact 5/5/2024

Good luck

So, how would you transfer the named Character to a possible Winner?

once there is a winner , i ll explain the way. good luck!
it will be announced here.

Since I don’t think there is an E.U.L.A compatible way to transfer Vanguard characters at the moment, this post will be closed until further clarification from the Gamemasters, who I have just asked to clarify this.