EVE Vegas, poker warm up...anyone?

I will join
try and get Fozzie to come play he won 1st place at EVE NorthEast Texas Holden Tournament like a rematch

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OK people, this is great.

So far we seem to be around 12 + some ‘corpies’ that might join :wink:

I’ve had a talk with the Flamingo poker room, and there is some excellent and some not so excellent news.

The good news is, that Thursdays is not one of the high traffic days, so we should be able to fit a sizable group into the tournament.
The bad news is actually the flip-side of this coin.
The usual low number of people on Thursdays, means that they don’t usually have dealers on staff, for more than 3 tables for the 6pm tournament.

If you are planning on attending, or know someone who are, please make it known in this thread.
If we know we are 30 people coming for example, we can communicate this to them, and they will have extra dealers on staff for this tournament.

This is not a signup page as such, you will have to do your own signup at the casino floor, as mentioned above.
But if we don’t have a good estimate of how many will show up, we might simply show up to an understaffed poker room :open_mouth:

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Hey Orvis.

If you know of friends or corpies joining, would it be possible for you to give an estimate number?

I am communication with the poker room at the Flamingo, and if I have a better idea of the size of our group, I might be able to make a case for them to have a couple of extra dealers on staff.

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Looks like I will be able to make it

I will be arriving early enough on Thursday to participate. My son may be interested as well.

I’m likely in.

I am in… see you there

Aaaaight people, its on :metal:

Just about 6 days until this takes off, cant wait to see you all in Vegas!

I’ve been in contact with the shift supervisor at The Flamingo casino floor.
He assured me, that will do the best they can, to make sure they are sufficiently staffed, to accommodate as many as they can.

To take part, you’ll need to go sign up at the Flamingo poker room, for the 6pm daily tournament on Thursday the 5th.

Signup opens up 2 hours prior to tournament start, so that would be 4pm (be there then, if you wanna be sure to get a spot).

I think well be a few DEVs taking part, so there should be a couple of bounty prices to go around :grinning:

Safe travels and see you there o7

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