EVE Vegas, poker warm up...anyone?

(CCP BlueScreen) #1

'Allo 'allo!, fellow pilots.

Lucky little me, will be sharing some EVE art with you all at EVE Vegas again this year, and I am super exited about that, however…
Last year I didn’t get to play any poker with any of you, and since there wasn’t any available seats in this years FanFest tournament at Brýggan either, I thought, being in Vegas and all, surely we could make this happen.

Since the schedule is pretty hectic once EVE Vegas gets going, I thought we might find time for a tournament on the evening before, that would be Thursday the 5th, for all of you guys and girls arriving early.

I was thinking for us, to simply join/crash the 6pm daily tournament at the Flamingo.
The Flamingo doesn’t have a huge poker room (6 tables), but the tournament has a fairly modest buy-in of 60$, and this legendary hotel is right next door to our new home at the LINQ.

Also the small room should mean, that the tournament wont last to long.
That having the obvious advantage of me, and whomever else ends up in the final, being able to make it back to the LINQ, in good time for evening drinks :smiley:

This is not an official CCP event, and as such, not an official part of EVE Vegas, and this being a standard daily casino tournament, there will be no CCP sponsored prices etc.

I will however bring a little something along, for whomever manages to knock me out…there will be a bounty on my head so to speak.
(maybe we can lure some other DEVs to participate, and add some more bounties, lets see)

I have no idea how many of you guys and gals will be landed in Vegas early on the Thursday already, and even less of an idea of how many would like to play.
So chime in in this thread if your interested!

This is an open tournament, in a fairly small poker room, so if there is a bunch of us, we should probably try to register early.
I would think the tournament starts registration two hours before start, so at 4pm.

Safe travels, and see you in Vegas o7

(theboatman) #2

I’m in. Assuming there’s rum.

(Suzee Sasen) #3

Why not, I’ll join :slight_smile:

(Mynxee) #4

Great idea! I was hoping to squeeze a poker tournament or two into my trip to EVE Vegas.

Your post says “Wednesday the 5th” in the first paragraph. I assume you really mean Thursday the 5th? If Thursday, count me in…I’m arriving in Vegas at 12:35 and should be at the hotel in plenty of time to register early.

(CCP BlueScreen) #5

Hi Mynxee, awesome.

And yes, that’s my bad, its supposed to say Thursday the 5th :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I have updated the info to be correct.

Ill see you, and all your chips, at the Flamingo then :grinning:

(CCP BlueScreen) #6

Can’t see how you would do it without.

(Blazemonger) #7

I’ll come and collect my bounty in advance to save you the trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

(Pax Scindus) #8

I am so there.
Prepare to take my money.

(Nikolai Mazinkov) #9


I’m in

(blabla4868) #10

Seems like a good time, I’m in.

(Chinsky Averaan) #11

Would LOVE to…but my flight won’t be getting me in until after 10pm.
Wishing this was an event to plan for…maybe next time.

(Naliao Vee) #12

Ill be there wednesday or tuesday so hell yeah

(Orvis Winston) #13

I’m game, but what this poker game you’re talking about? Is it like Go Fish or Crazy 8’s?

(Neva Second) #14

I’m finalizing my travel plans with this in mind, looking forward to stylishly giving my money to CCP in a new way!

btw…does the EULA allow this sanctioned gambling you speak of?

(leavwiz) #15

How about a BJ tournament. (blackjack)

(NeoShocker) #16

I am in. Sign me up. :slight_smile: hopefully first place than 5th from FF2017

(Hyjinx McStagger) #17

damn - i knew i should have planned an early thursday arrival rather than a late evening one … next year I will!

(CCP BlueScreen) #18

OK, this should be awesome, that makes 12 of us, just a couple of days in…we will own this poker room :slightly_smiling_face:

My Vegas scam is coming together nicely, YOUR HANGARS WILL BE EMPTY!!

(CCP BlueScreen) #19

Damnit, next time we will plan it out in better time.
But hey, see you in Vegas in a months time :slight_smile:

(Orvis Winston) #20

Have a could other corpies thinking about coming too.
Just remember folks, if you look around the table and can’t find the fish, it’s probably you. =P