EVE vocabulary compilation

been looking around the boards and have not yet found a post containing a list of popular EVE related language with definitions.

anyone got links to a List Of Terms posting i failed to uncover?

I know that may sound like a silly ask, but everyone was a noob once, and i’m sure that with this game’s particularly “steep curve” an in-game lingo Dictionary would be incredibly helpful to just about anyone who isn’t already steeped in the language… and seeing how genuinely helpful the EVE community seems to be in general, i’m sure someone’s curating a list somewhere in here and i just am terrible at searching for things in forums. i suck at guessing the best key terms for searches. it is a great burden in life.

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Thank you!

Any others out there, please feel free to add any links not yet included. Maybe if enough exist, we can make a list of lists. lol


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There is also https://evelexicon.com/list.php (may take a time to load)
Some entries are quite humorously.

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