Looking for EvE Conlangs


Thanks for reading my post.

Do you know if there are any working constructed languages that have emerged in the game?

I’d love to meet other players players that are also interested in this subject.

(Note: For anyone unfamiliar, Conlang comes from “Constructed”+“Language” and is a widely used term.)

Not sure what you mean but i think some ppl made an amarrian language and theres the triglav writing

yeah, I know the Triglav writing. That’s what actually got me interested in the subject.

It would be cool to try to come up with a simple language that is useable. Hopefully, some like-minded players will come along…

5 hours latter someone come in with there lord of the rings book with all the languages in it

lol, for sure. the Elven languages. For sure, that is a very legit effort. It’s a real conlang!

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Doesn’t Earth exist in this universe and the Ammar Empire formed from the descendants who were cut off when the EVE gate shut down leaving New Eden isolated from Earth? The eve gate cut them off and they settled on the island of Ammar right? Then people should speak English if the seed colony that got cut off was British. Or if it wasn’t Brits, then it would be Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Icelandic, Breton, or whatever language the cut off systems spoke. So unless I screwed up the lore, there is no need for a conlang since the characters in universe would just use one that exists in the player’s universe.

languages change though over time


I was involved with the Intaki language project that created the Vaanin k’Intaki.

Other conlangs include Amarrad and Napaani, which is a Caldari language. Others should have links to those materials.

You are right. I’ll unsubscribe right away, since all of the things you said were true.

However, they have nothing to do with the post that I made. I was having fun playing eve again and you came in valiantly to remind me that it was all for nothing.

Well done.

Thank you.

I really appreciate you sharing that with me. I’ll look for more on it and it would be great if some of those folks come along and post here too.

Thanks again!

Your point is completely right.

Languages do change and become their own thing, sort of how Latin evolved into French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and even Brazillian Portuguese. All starting from the same place.

Namas, Bataav!

That is really interesting. How did you work through that project? Do you remember if it was a sit-down with a few people, or did one person make suggestions with others commenting?

It seems like a pretty big undertaking…

I know Neph had been working on consolidating the various bits and pieces of Napanii floating around a while ago, but as far as I’m aware, the work is now orphaned. What’s still around is at https://goo.gl/yGOzXs .

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It evolved over a number of years.

Long before I played the game, there were groups prominent in Intaki RP that had started putting a few basic bits and pieces together.

The usual greetings, and counting to ten, and a few sentences, etc.

When I came along in 2009/2010 I started to look at what existed and extrapolated more from there, breaking down the sentences into constituent words and seeing how it could be expanded, with the introduction of some grammar. I drew heavily from Sanskrit as an inspiration point for the flavour of the language, which seemed to fit Intaki themes quite well.

And then a little later another player, who had also been involved in the Napaani project, reached out to us and immersed himself in Intaki for about 12 months to create what we have today.

It’s telling that he’s a professional linguist in RL.

I’m told that if someone was to pad out the lexicon using the linguistic material and rules provided, Intaki would work as a fully functional conversational language.

I don’t know what you mean by unrelated.

You were looking for conlangs. I didn’t know why.

One possible reason is just that you are fascinated by language development. In this case, yeah what I said doesn’t really matter even if it is true.

Another possible reason is that you wanted to build a realistic image of the universe’s lore in your mind. You might have thought that a conlag was needed for this. Kind of like how Tolkien realized his elves wouldn’t speak English given their backstory, so he made up a conlang. This was my assumption for your reason of asking about in game conlangs. I was pointing out that given the lore, a conlang isn’t probably unneeded.

I’m not sure how I was spoiling your fun. If you were having fun doing something in-game, keep doing that. If you were having fun doing something with conlangs, just keep thinking about Conlangs.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

Your comment here is the reason I stated your comment was unrelated:

I responded the way I did because I thought you were trolling me.

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