Player created languages

I’m a fan of created and real world languages admiring their structure, being a fan of artificial assigning structures - I often play games only till I figured out what the research tree looks like - and I also write down structure idea - albeit bad ones as hobby, besides working on grammars for different invented languages.

Therefore I was wondering if someone had invented or imagined a language spoken within the four empires. Thanks for information in advanced.


This could be of interest to you



Some of us worked to create the Intaki language (Vaanin k’Intaki).

In addition to the usual dictionaries and glossary, there is an extensive document that digs into the linguistic mechanics of the language. There’s also a font file for the script.

All of it can be found on our website.


while i first need to buy ms office to look at intaki language -apache office finds it to be to large - the napani document is very interesting as the agglutinate the syntactic function to a stem is a fresh idea for me.

realy happy right now.

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Interesting. I use the same without issue. I’ll look into it.

Okay thanks.

Meanwhile I have a pet Project that is already a grammar.

let’s call it a language of a 15 Million individual large minmatar population - considering the Cluster small - the Project has no name and likely no big future at least it has a grammar.:sweat_smile:

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