Minmatar Language? Language of all the empires?

What Language do the Minmatar speak?
I know Caldari speak a mix of Finnish and Japanese, and Gallente speak French mixed with something else? If I even remember that correctly.
On that thought, what Language’s do all the empires speak??

Well, yes but really… no.

ITs complicated, like most things, but the languages the Empires speak are, generally, not anything like modern equivalents.

The common parlance of the State is Caldanese(with various specific Megacorp parlance and regional and even station specific dialects), with an additional ‘revival’ language in the form of Napanii, but it(Napanii) is not the common tongue of The State.

The Gallente Federation doesn’t actually have a main language, even though for interstellar trade and such they use ‘Interstellar Gallente’ which is a very distant descendent of French, though less than 20% of the population of the Fed actually speaks, or knows it

The Amarr speak Amarrish(amongst other things, as well as various trade languages and localized creoles) which is something in the same vein as modified latin and persian, though not exactly by any stretch

and the Minmatar, generally, speak Amarrish as well, because many of their old languages were utterly wiped out during their enslavement under the Amarr, though a lot of revival languages have started popping since the Republic’s formation


The description on this is interesting


Wow, thanks for taking the time to give such an in-depth answer. I couldn’t have asked for a better response. Interesting stuff here. I was thinking about it for RP stuff, like what to name ships n’ stuff for my Minmatar character. This gives me somewhere to look at.

Oh thanks for that. That was just right there in game the whole time. Appreciate the link… interesting :thinking:

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